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Get Your Skincare Routine Right!

With the rapidly changing seasons and overall wear and tear of life, the condition of our skin has never been more crucial. After all, nobody wants to be in the prime of their youth looking five years older than their real age. So, here we have a list of essential skincare bits and bobs for both men and women, because basic self care is for everybody, guys.

But before we dive in, we need to establish what our skin type is, as its essential to building the right skincare routine. For example, i have dry to combo skin (oily T-zone, aka nightmare) which means i tend to go for a heavy moisturiser and a kinda intense toner. Whatever your skin type is, there's something for everybody out there, so don't worry, you’re bound to find the right products for you.

Firstly, you're going to want invest in a decent moisturiser. A good one does the job of keeping your skin hydrated all day long, no matter whatever natural elements you encounter. These days it's all about efficiency, which is why most skincare products pack 2 or 3 functions in one. For example, the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream from The Body Shop up to + 10.00% CashCoins. This is a great moisturiser for dry skin, by not only being intensely moisturising but also infused with vitamin E, which protects against toxins such as air pollution etc. Similarly, for our oily skinned folks, we have Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion also from The BodyShop. This product helps mattify your skin, control oil production, prevent blemishes while also providing deep hydration.

Moving onto toner, another skincare essential that will have your skin glowing. Toner is basically a face wash that cleanses your skin of leftover makeup, built up oils, and dirt in general. You want a toner thats gentle, but also does the job well, so its worth investing in a decent one, like the Elemis toners (in Balancing Lavender/ Rehydrating Ginseng Soothing Apricot) from ASOS + 5.00% CashCoins. If you're looking for something a little more budget friendly, The Ordinary’s lactic acid 10% + HA 2% also from ASOS, while not necessarily a toner, works surprisingly well as one.

Lastly, Cleanser. The holy grail of skincare products. A good cleanser will remove your makeup, excess oil etc and leave your face feeling clean. A brilliant one will do all of that and keep your skin feeling moisturised and supple. For example, the Pomegranate Softening Facial Wash also from The Bodyshop up to + 10.00% CashCoins contains Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil. This cleanser is gentle yet hydrating, perfect for removing your makeup after a long day or simply giving your face a quick wash when its feeling extra greasy. On the pricier (but probably more concentrated) hand, we have the Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser from ASOS + 5.00% CashCoins. This wash off product boasts deep cleansing action that creates the perfect skin environment by optimising the acidity of the skin. Considering Elemis’ Reputation in the skincare industry as well as the social media influencers who have sworn by the product, i have no choice to believe that its capable of nothing short of magic. So why not go ahead and grab a bottle off ASOS before they run out?

Additionally, you can have a quick scroll through Boots up to +4.00% Cashcoins or Superdrug + 1.00% CashCoins for other skincare brands. So long as you follow the basic principles we discussed above, your skin should be radiant and supple in no time!

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