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Summer trends 2017

When you think of Summer eating, ice cream, BBQs and a cheeky Pimms or two come to mind! However, thanks to Instagram and various other social media platforms we are now aware of the different food trends taking hold this Summer of 2017!

1. Avocado, Avocado, Avocontrol! It seems there isn't one food blog or lifestyle website immune from the avocado mania that has taken over this past year. This Summer is no exception. Doctors have even been complaining that there has been a surge in 'avocado hand' (when a person slices their hand cutting up an avocado). If this is anything to go by, the avocado trend is here to stay and this Summer all your favourite shops can help in your avocado addiction! Whether you're wanting to recreate that beautiful Instagram shot of Avocado toast sprinkled with chia seeds or simply make a refreshing guacamole to share with friends. We know what shops are best to do the avohunting! Perhaps the prospect of an 'avocado hand' is too much to bear? Don't worry head over to Marks and Spencers + 1.50% CashCoins where they're currently selling mini avocados. Minimisng the risk with any avo related injuries!

2. You coconut serious! That's right, just like the avocado,the coconut started off as an innocent trend and soon engulfed you and every Insta feed available. It started with coconut oil and then coconut water and now...Well now it's everywhere! Coconut chips? Coconut butter? Coconut ice cream? Coconut sprinkles? I really did mean everywhere! Have you tried coconut milk with your coffee? If you haven't or you just are a curious foodie wanting to try out the latest coconut trend. Don't fret we've got a list of places you can drop by to Waitrose + 1.25% CashCoins in order to fulfill your coconut craving!

3. Let's Taco 'Bout it! You might have gone to a Mexican restaurant before and you've probably gathered that associating the Taco we know and love with Mexico is a bit of a no go but the Taco mania is gathering! Embrace this almighty dish! Great for dinner parties, great for date night and great to eat if you just want to eat! There's a great variation you can cook, cook up a selection of fillings and sides for your tacos, the beauty of the taco is that you can use anything! No longer are tacos limited to their protein options of chicken and beef, throw in anything that takes your fancy and experiment if you like. Of course the avocado must get a mention here because guess what, you can use avocado in tacos or as a side for your nachos if you want! No wonder the avocado is such a hit. But back to the Tacos, don't be shy to smother them in coconut butter!....We're joking. I think. Get all your ingredients at Asda with + 1.37 CashCoins.

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