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I See The Moon!

I see the moon and the moon sees me!

The Moon is thought to have formed 4.51 billion years ago, not long after Earth. The Moon is in rotation with Earth, always showing the same face, as seen from Earth it is the second brightest visible celestial object in Earth's sky, after the Sun. Its surface is dark however compared to the night sky it seems very bright. Its gravitational influence produces ocean tides and body tides.

Every month Earth's moon goes through its phases, constantly transforming from a new moon to a full moon and back to the beginning of the cycle. Full moons happen every 29 days or so as the moon goes directly opposite the sun, reflecting the sun's rays. For millions of years, people have used the moon to keep track of the year and set schedules for hunting, planting and harvesting. September is known as the Harvest Moon, as this is when crops are gathered, it also refers to the bright appearance of the moon and early rise, which traditionally let farmers continue harvesting into the night.

However it is not only these traditions which people have used the Moon for. It is not uncommon to hear people mutter 'There must be a full moon out there.' Usually to explain weird events that have occurred at night.

Some beliefs about what happens when there is a full moon:

1. Surgery isn't safe during a full moon: There is a myth that major surgeries should be scheduled according to the full moon. The belief is because the tides could have an effect on your blood flow. However while the moon does tug at ocean tides, it doesn't affect your blood flow. There is a study to discredit this myth, 18,000 heart related surgeries which were performed at the Cleveland Clinic between 1993 and 2006 had zero effect on the moon phase as the outcome of these surgeries did not change according to it.

2. Cats and Dogs go crazy during the full moon: Even some veterinarians, believe that dogs and cats act strangely during a full moon. Some studies have picked up on that there is a slight rise in emergency room visits from cats and dogs during the full moon period. However this is probably to do with the fact that there is more illumination on evenings when the moon is full so that pets tend to stay out later, dancing in the moonlight! Or something like it at least! If you worry about your pet being affected by the full moon then we suggest giving them lots of treats so they'll want to stay indoors! Treat them to some Pure Pet Food and with + 9.00% CashCoins it would be hard to say no!

3. The full moon disturbs your sleep: Actually, there might be something behind this! A group of scientists in Switzerland were shocked to discover that adults do seem to get less rest during a full moon. They found that it took people about five minutes longer to fall asleep and wake up 20 minutes sooner. They also spent 30% less time in a state of deep sleep. Researchers aren't entirely sure why this happens but it might have something to do with our 'circalunar' rhythms, our natural daily cycles. If you have trouble sleeping then we would recommend having browse through Sleepstar +10.00 CashCoins products! Something to help you sleep even through the most troublesome moons!

4.The full moon makes everyone crazy or crazier: The word 'lunatic' is from the latin word 'luna' also the name of the ancient moon goddess. Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested that the brain was the ´moistest´ organ in the body and thereby most influenced by the moon. Belief in the 'lunatic effect' persisted in Europe through the middle ages. It is widely believed even today that the Moon has an effect on people. That it is responsible for erratic behaviours, suicides, traffic accidents, dog bites and any sort of strange event. In 2007 several police departments in the U.K even added police officers to full moon night shifts in order to cope with a presumed higher crime rates.

However multiple studies have discredited that there are any links to the full moon. The reason why the lunar lunacy effect is so widespread, is most probably down to media coverage. A number of Hollywood horror films, including films about werewolves, films portraying full moon nights as peak times of spooky occurrences. However research has highlighted, that we might be prey to the 'illusory correlation', the perception of an association that doesn't exist. When there is a full moon and something odd happens, we usually notice it, tell others about it, and remember it. We do this because co-occurrences fit with our preconceptions. As a result of our selective recall, we perceive an association between full moons and strange events.

The lunar lunacy effect seems to appear to be no better than the theory that moon is made from cheese! However there are many theories and myths that haven't been discredited! Have a read all about the Moon and its myths at Waterstones + 2.00% CashCoins and if you're really wanting to keep a watch over the Moon theories then we suggest buying a telescope Argos + 1.00% CashCoins and make notes!

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