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The New Year Lottery!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the CashbackDiscount New Year Lottery is here!

With the New Year approaching we feel like celebrating with the launch of the New Year Lottery! We want all of our customers to have a chance to make the year even more fun. That´s why there are 3 prizes in total to be won by entering the lottery. Furthermore, you can improve your chances by being able to buy up to 6 tickets!

Scroll over to the Win Tab on our website, select Lottery and activate the automatic lottery ticket. It is a lucky dip ticket so you won´t need to worry about choosing numbers. Then you will be entered into our exclusive lottery. It´s as simple as that!

If your ticket number is drawn, you will have a chance to win 1 of our 3 fantastic prizes!

Prize 1: 35 CashCoins

Prize 2: 20 CashCoins

Prize 3: A £15 Argos Giftcard

How much does it cost?

Participation is 0.80 CashCoin only! That´s including your welcome bonus CashCoins!

Remember: Each member can activate 6 lottery tickets for the draw. Enter now and with a little bit of luck you could win up to 35.00 CashCoins!

Good Luck!

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+ UP TO 5.50% CashCoins COS
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