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We’ve come far from the brick mobile phones with antennas and limited capabilities. Nowadays, we use mobiles for pretty much everything- social media, Whatsapp, watching endless streams of cat videos online, the list goes on! With phones being as techy as ever, the price of mobiles also increases. But, don’t worry! This is why we are writing this blog, to shed light on the amazing *drum roll* e2save Mobiles. They offer a great range of mobiles, with monthly, sim only and refurbished options. Join us as we take you through the best deals e2save Mobiles has to offer you!


Offer 1- the iconic Google Pixel 3. It should really speak for itself, but here are just some of its key features: the camera. If you’re a bit of an amateur photographer, the Google Pixel 3 is for you. With unlimited storage and a 12.2MP camera, you’ll have ample opportunity to take the perfect photo. As the Google Pixel 3 runs on Google, it comes with all of it’s apps. If you’re on the way to work and forgot to tweak a word doc, open it up on the drive and get editing! It’s as easy as that. With e2save Mobiles offering contracts starting from as little as £24 with unlimited minutes and texts. It only gets better, with up to 12.50% CashCoins!

Next on our list is the LG G6! It has been released with a HD, 5.7” screen. Now, this may sound like any ordinary mobile phone screen size but it’s not! LG has very cleverly manufactured it’s phone to have a large screen WITHOUT making the mobile bigger than it needs to be! Watch as much Netflix on there to your heart’s content. With contracts starting from as little as £18 with unlimited minutes and texts, what are you waiting for? Ditch your old mobile and order now!

Hua-who? Huawei. If you haven’t heard of this manufacturer, it’s time to get acquainted. E2save Mobiles has a great range of deals on the Huawei P30. Can we just say one thing? 3 cameras. Oh, and the ability to take perfect photographs in the dark due to its unique auto-adjusting feature. It also has the magic feature of ‘hopping’ over your docs and photos to compatible computers, without the need for messy wires. Get yours now from as little as £28 a month! Yeah, we couldn’t believe the price either. As mentioned earlier, get 12.50% CashCoins when you buy your new phone contract too!

So, you may not be looking for a new mobile. That’s okay too! E2save mobiles has a great range of sim cards for whatever you’re looking for. From just £10 a month, you can get unlimited minutes and texts WITH an amazing 10GB data! That’s streaming and surfing for the month if not more. We also offer CashCoins on sim cards, so you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins in savings too!

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