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20cogs Reviews

Op dez pagina vind je shopinformatie en beoordelingen over 20cogs

Earn money by completing competitions, offers, gaming, and surveys.

20cogs Reviews

christina norman  | 19/09/21  19:34:49 | Store rating :
Although I have only been a member for a short while, I am enjoying being part of the team, and I like being rewarded for my time. I also like to see what the offers are that gives me ideas for purchases.
Kristydiana Mcguigan  | 13/09/21  21:20:16 | Store rating :
love it but some i can not do but the ones I can love will be telling friends and family thanku for discount and please some can't not do please change them will keep looking different discount thank you very much
Anna Fowler-Ekar  | 07/08/21  20:08:52 | Store rating :
You are made to believe you can make money
Vanessa Williams  | 03/08/21  23:16:44 | Store rating :
Long filling out surveys don’t really make much. I tried making a certain amount per hour and it were impossible that.
Tracy Alton  | 31/07/21  04:21:25 | Store rating :
Stevie-Lauren Hanley  | 10/07/21  03:42:11 | Store rating :
Its a good way to earn money through doing offers the only downside to it is that it's mainly online casinos that are available for each offer not managed to cash out yet as i don't gamble so not the best
Mainea Maria  | 22/06/21  10:57:07 | Store rating :
my family and I have been using this application for a long time; we found out some time ago and we are very happy to be able to do the job with her we are very happy
Jeanette Wright  | 05/06/21  19:22:38 | Store rating :
ok site bit hard to use tho. you need to get 20 cogs to cash out some include signing up to site that have monthly fees so be careful how you use this site as you could end up with a big bill. im yet to cash out
Alexandra Tolontan  | 05/05/21  11:03:13 | Store rating :
I'm Alex, and I am very happy with 20gogs because they always been very promising and give as many offers. I very recommend this shop. Be you be happy. They always this. I hope you gonna enjoy here.
Marc Fareham  | 25/03/21  16:21:19 | Store rating :
I recently signed up to try an earn a little bit of extra money due to financial reasons since the pandemic although I haven't actually got to cash out yet I'm optimistic that I will eventually but due to the financial upset I can't access most of the offer's so I will keep you updated and see if the more cogs I do the quicker I'll get through the full 20 and cash out
Lauren Richards  | 15/02/21  02:25:51 | Store rating :
good fun nothin g seriouse great way to earn a few extra pounds only thing is some of the deals take 90 daya to credit your account so your sat aroun d waitting at times great fun to do if your bored
Michael Stein  | 21/01/21  19:40:14 | Store rating :
Good fast nothing else that I can think about for this year and I hope you can help me with the now man I've been working with and I have been working on the fone to ma maw just now to get it done and I will be back tomorrow morning and will be back tomorrow morning and will be.
Kalin Zakov  | 18/01/21  09:55:45 | Store rating :
It’s Cool! So Funny! To earn some money from 20 cogs is a chance to never miss. And what is important, it’s free. Welcome to get the opportunity with 20 cogs, free and easy! I am so happy to have amazing offers like this.
Diogo Tavares  | 08/04/20  15:33:37 | Store rating :
Very cool site and I earn a few pounds nothing major but it’s free money so always welcome...and I is quite funny app and I think people will enjoy earning money from there....anyway it’s worth give it a shot
Maggie Bailey  | 24/02/20  22:48:51 | Store rating :
I don't but I thought this sounded like fun. I'm waiting for approval to get money. I haven't earned that much so far. Still fairly new to this. I am looking forward to seeing where this leads. Could be enjoyable. :
Sylwia Elsodany  | 04/02/20  18:28:42 | Store rating :
I'm in the program for a while and collected about 60£. I don't gamble, that's why is not easy for me to find a free and interesting website or subscription. I'm waiting for an approval to get my money. If I find anything interesting, I'm going to continue.

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