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adidas Reviews

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Fashion with discount at Adidas

Welcome to adidas Shop for adidas shoes, clothing and view new collections for adidas Originals, running, football, training and much more. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. Shop the latest adidas products in the New Arrivals section.

adidas Reviews

ALBERT MARTI  | 31/05/21  10:43:00 | Store rating :
I love this store and this brand has several offers and very good quality in all its articles, and good customer service either in stores and online services i´m very happy. In short, highly recommended, amazing service interesting price
Roy Batty  | 22/05/21  19:37:04 | Store rating :
I love this store and this brand have various offers and very good quality in all its articles, and good customer service either in stores and online services'm very happy .. In short, highly recommended, amazing service interesting price
Chloe Chester  | 21/05/21  08:45:19 | Store rating :
The best sports brand no doubt. Continually adapt to changing times. Their shoes are simply sensational runner with a series damping off. Plus they have shirts that allow perspire without sticking to the body. © continue being faithful to this brand.
Thomas Campbell  | 20/05/21  07:11:12 | Store rating :
Im a fan of this firm. I have many years using their products, and I love them, especially running shoes. I will always be a loyal customer. The pity is that the store itself in my hill town and I have to settle for multibrand
Stuart Robertson  | 11/05/21  08:40:41 | Store rating :
I love the store, the variety of products you have, the colorful, Staff working helps you in everything they can, they are attentive and have discounts that help you buy at different times of the year
Nina Omedia  | 21/09/20  12:40:43 | Store rating :
High quality sportswear brand, you will find all the clothing, footwear and accessories to do sports that you need, very convenient to buy online, and with very good prices and promotions. I recommend it
Nicola Ankers  | 04/12/19  11:15:52 | Store rating :
I love the adidas store as it sells good quality products and I use adidas a lot. It is a well known trusted brand and has been for a long time. You know that when you buy from adidas you are always getting value for money and the stuff will be of good quality.
Lee Earl  | 24/11/19  19:48:56 | Store rating :
I love Adidas, most poeple do , so much more choice than other brands if I need footware I will only choose Adidas, also they have great clothes to choose from , very stylish and always decently priced.
Andrew Turner  | 18/11/19  14:30:07 | Store rating :
Love Adidas clothes and trainers always got trendy up to date clothing and they are made to brilliant standards and I have never had any problems with the products and the prices are very reasonable for what you get
Jade Hitchen  | 11/11/19  17:53:25 | Store rating :
adidas is amazing i love the sizes and they are right to size, there is a big range, tracksuit, sports wear shoes, swimsuit, balls the lot. my son will only wear adidas trainers because how much they are comy
William Peeris  | 24/10/19  11:35:43 | Store rating :
I have been a customer at the Adidas Store in Oxford Street. Staffers are very polite and friendly and "go the extra mile" so to speak to assist consumers. Adidas have a superlative range of sneakers, tennis shoes clothing, sportswear and accessories
Malgorzata Goljaszewska  | 20/10/19  11:34:08 | Store rating :
The best shoes in the best quality! Adidas is a store for everyone, it does not matter age or taste. The best sports store. Jackets, shoes, underwear. You will find everything you need here. I would highly recommend! Adidas!
muhammed oyebode  | 19/10/19  09:29:34 | Store rating :
One of my favourite stores, bought a nice trainers from a London store for £80 in total with the postage and it was delivered in less than 24 hours and on top of that the trainers was a lot more prettier than I thought.
Ilona Vainoriute  | 14/10/19  09:41:46 | Store rating :
Not expencive most good quality brand shop.i recommend this shop for all tipes people. I have good ratings fore this shop.
dominion nzute  | 12/10/19  18:37:36 | Store rating :
amazingly wonderfull its exactly sometimes worth the price but also its exactly what it looks like and I love the product so much and I love adidas a lot most kids do. also perfect for teenagers as presents
Azra Khan  | 10/10/19  13:23:24 | Store rating :
This is good quality and this company provide me good product. I like it so much .I have bought this product so easy. Everyone is like it everything.such a nice item in this brand. Don’t go any where.
Steven Kearns  | 06/10/19  15:26:23 | Store rating :
I think that Adidas training shoes are one UV the best brand UV trainers about I also ware them and buy them myself they have a wide range of products and there very good for sports I recommend this brand UV trainers to all my friends and family
Vitalijus  | 04/10/19  21:42:12 | Store rating :
Very good and better than JD or sportsdirect, much more available clothes and shoes. Will buy always from there online and will be much better than spmewhere else, of course some prices is higher than in other shops
Karen Maguire  | 04/10/19  19:40:37 | Store rating :
Adidas are the best when it comes to sports, casual, my kids , they're always first with the newest attire and trainers, I love love love the entire sitei save my of Adidas clothes make pillows from tops they're quality is numero Uno , I am Adidas FOREVER
Claire Malcolm  | 04/10/19  02:25:48 | Store rating :
Great store,great offers GREAT all round. I personally think Adidas offer the best all round package from product quality to price range, It offers modern and bang on trend products,when taking into consideration the cost paid for the quality recieved it's a WINNER all round.
Jong King  | 24/09/19  16:34:48 | Store rating :
Excellent service. I had a broken plastic part on a clothes airer and had extended the guarantee online to 3 years. I emailed Addis with proof of purchase, guarantee and the broken part on Saturday, had an automated response back.
Terence Clothier  | 13/09/19  08:26:33 | Store rating :
An iconic sports brand that sells high quality sportswear at reasonable prices. I recentlybought a great pair of trainers to replace my previous Addidas trainers . The new ones are even better and not much more expensive than the ones I bought 5 years ago. Great Value!
Dean Petts  | 04/09/18  20:12:25 | Store rating :
It's a very good way to save cash and see all the good deals that addidas are selling and that are on offer. Plus you can get get cash back discount. Just by buying your itemsearch as normal but with cashbackdiscount site.
Mandy Marshall  | 14/12/15  12:34:36 | Store rating :
Great quality footwear. Always got a sale on but changes all the time so can get some good deals if you are lucky. I managed to get superstars for my daughter she loves them. They fit her really well and look exactly like picture
Monsuoor Khan  | 13/12/15  13:08:53 | Store rating :
For the latest and some of the best footwear in trainers and sports gear available you will need to visit Adidas. Here you will find the latest fashions to suit all ages, gender and sizes. Quality at first hand
Lisa Webb  | 08/12/15  00:58:07 | Store rating :
love Adidas always new ranges of clothing and footwear and like that you can design your own stuff, there prices are always reasonable and they always have really good deals and is great from presents
Banasri Saha  | 10/12/15  12:18:19 | Store rating :
Only been on here a short while but it's a great and easy way to find your perfect choose online , when you are at home or onthe go.......I am really impressed by adidas and it was my first time purchase in shoe group.
Leanne Wells  | 24/11/15  22:49:00 | Store rating :
this is one excellent make love the stuff they do and lovey foot were tops wash excellent and i love buying this stuff for christmas and birthday ect wood say its the best i have buyt so far will be going shoping this week and i will defo be buying xmax stuff this week in this make
Amir Nassif  | 19/11/15  10:32:13 | Store rating :
As always it has been the brand. Best sportive footware that I trust even worldwide. Anyone knows that I am travelling abroad will be asking me to get him a sportive footware. Especially, my oversized freinds.
Samantha Farrer  | 11/11/15  18:20:44 | Store rating :
Adidas is definitely a brand you can rely on for good quality and excellent value clothing & footwear, thoughout all ages ☺ adidas is definitely my first choice in sports wear, I would defo recommend this brand to friends & family
Amy-Chanté Owers  | 12/11/15  10:45:55 | Store rating :
Love this store love the quality of items and brand. I buy a lot from this brand and it gets a thumbs up from me! Keep up the good work! I will continue to purchase from your brand. Love love love it!!
Jason Edwards  | 11/11/15  18:22:33 | Store rating :
adidas has been my favourite sports brand from an early age there quality of stock they have to offer is awesome and reasonably priced it is always my first choice of sports brand that i look at for buying
Nico Bassett  | 06/11/15  19:16:03 | Store rating :
adidas is my favourite brand at the moment and their website is the best place to get the exclusive and best adidas wear I would recommend this site to anyone who likes adidas clothing and footwear great site..
Vidhi Mehta  | 03/11/15  10:30:03 | Store rating :
i love this brand as its quality is very much good and never disappointed by its product...............................................................................................................................
Alana Tilley  | 30/10/15  17:02:41 | Store rating :
I love adidas products and haven't been displeased when i have adidas products. The qulity is always amazing and i have never had any problems regarding your products. Alot of people i know have previously gotten your products and have had the same feeling.

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