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AliExpress Reviews

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Online Shopping with discount at Ali Express

Ali Express has increased massively in the last couple of years to become one of the largest E-commerce companies in the world. Offering more than 6,000 different categories where you can get absolutely anything for next to nothing! They have a great selection of products ranging from electronics, fashion, toys, jewellery and much more!

AliExpress Reviews

Roy Batty  | 21/11/20  07:08:56 | Store rating :
After being on Aliexpress for some years I can conclude the following, 1. Some times sellers do not send the items and you can not check it´s status untill the deadline is expired.2. You will not loose your money, Aliexpress will refund you and now it takes only some days not weeks
Jarris Pottas  | 20/11/20  07:04:24 | Store rating :
Just received my MP3 player from AliExpress and I am happy with everything. The price and shipping costs were excellent, Total 13.99 pound, for everything The correspondence with the seller was prompt and they were kind. I also received the product very quickly. T
MATILDE Briega  | 19/11/20  07:04:21 | Store rating :
I received a package with goods. I am very satisfied with the goods and especially with the speed of delivery of goods in a short time 22 days from purchase. Thank you very much to the seller. I recommend everyone to shop at this seller.
Martin Bringnall  | 18/11/20  07:04:15 | Store rating :
I have just received a package with goods. I am very satisfied with the goods and especially with the speed of delivery of goods in a short time, twenty days from purchase. They are not the faster supplier, I know, but it is good for me. Thank you AliExpress
Thomas Wyatt  | 17/11/20  07:03:44 | Store rating :
I think aliexpress have good price for some product, and also cheap. It is not very fast delivery so you haveto be in mind this point. I´m also using it on my website indexer. Thank you AliExpress for a great experience
Tor Thomson  | 19/10/20  06:37:53 | Store rating :
If you are looking for great prices and free shipping, your webstore is AliExpress. You must to be patient, you are not going to receive your order in two days, unless you pay for an urgent delivery, but you will receive it.
Peter Hawkes  | 19/10/20  08:23:38 | Store rating :
I have been using Aliexpress for about 10 years now and I must impress on everyone that is worried about using there services that these are the number one company to go to for Chinese products. That's to say the same products that cost far more on other online shopping sites.
Steve Job  | 12/10/20  07:32:30 | Store rating :
I have buyed in Ali Express foryears and I can only give positive feedback. It has improved a lot the delivery time. It offers Super competitive prices, along with quick service and efficient that makes this webstore a safe value.
Ivayla Stoeva  | 09/11/19  11:55:11 | Store rating :
I was very surprised after using the Ali Express...it offers very good bargains, cheap prices and good quality products. It also protects your payment if you don't receive the goods or their quality turns out to be poor.
Sarah Tutton  | 03/10/17  22:54:09 | Store rating :
Ali express is my favourite place I shop online because the such a wide variety of things to shop for, with great prices. The categories I have shopped for the most have been for electronics and technology and the jewelry sections.
Carrie Oneill  | 07/06/18  17:44:00 | Store rating :
I really love Ali express. You can find near enough anything you want on there. Take a picture of an outfit u like and there snap search will find that outfit for you or something simalar if they dont have it. The prices are amazing
sonia Ewers  | 22/06/19  12:28:58 | Store rating :
It's one of the best shopping sites. I have ordered about 5 times and never had a problem. You are protected with a refund if items go missing. Prices are so much better than others places I've ordered from.
Ola Adediwura  | 30/10/19  18:09:06 | Store rating :
Having been using Ali Express for the past two years, I have experienced a very pleasurable experience in shopping online. From good products at an affordable price to timely delivery, they are just too splendid. Their customer care always ready to help
Malgorzata Goljaszewska  | 08/11/19  16:55:06 | Store rating :
AliExpress is the best shopping portal in the world. Straight from China, at the best prices. You'll find everything you need ... With Free Shipping !! I recommend AliExpress to all buyers. Whatever you need, you'll find it on AliExpress. AliExpress will not disappoint you!
MOHAMED THARWAT SHABANA  | 11/12/19  12:58:09 | Store rating :
very good store with low price but shipping costs somewhat higher than other sites I usually work with so I recommended to my friends to work with you will enjoy many items that you will love it at low price
Lukas Vainorius  | 15/12/19  11:54:42 | Store rating :
I always have a good experience buying on Aliexpress. The website is easy to use and I always find what I want to buy. Its amazing shop realy helpfull in us life realy good thing and prices is amazing.
Dominika  | 19/12/19  00:01:59 | Store rating :
On AliExpress I can find many interesting items in low prices, i ordered many items from this website and quality of products are great, never had problem before, shipping costs mostly is for free, absolutely positive opinion.
Jessica Dowdall  | 27/12/19  15:17:56 | Store rating :
Aliexpress is such a handy site, it sells pretty much everything, you do have to wait a while for delivery on some times but can't really complain as the prices are really good. Customer service is excellent too, respond fast to try solve your issue asap. Highly recommend shopping here.
Bethan Roberts  | 31/12/19  14:01:05 | Store rating :
I love AliExpress. I have used this website for years and have never had a bad experience. They have a lot of good quality products for fractions of the prices they would be originally. My favoutite thing to buy off AliExpress is phone cases.
wiktoria pasieczny  | 24/07/17  12:36:19 | Store rating :
I love Aliexpress! I have been shopping on Aliexpress for more than 4 years now and never got disappointed from their products! They offer cheap and good quality products from clothes,household, or even electronics.
Michal X  | 05/01/20  17:41:18 | Store rating :
This is a great store! The store offers a large selection of products, attractive prices, fast shipping. It's worth visiting this store's website frequently, because it offers interesting promotions. Shopping in this store is a pleasure!
Ilona Vainoriute  | 09/02/20  10:46:14 | Store rating :
This online shop I get all things cheaper and quality is good fore all product fast deliwery on time recomend to all peoples this online world shopping
Virginia Lopez  | 02/01/20  16:46:19 | Store rating :
This is the website where you can find almost everything you are looking for and with very low prices. The website is divided in different categories so it is really easy to find what you are looking for. Each item has photos, a description, reviews... I would recommend this website!

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