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Asda George Reviews

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Fashion with Discount at George

George was launched in 1990 when George Davies spotted a niche opportunity that no one else could see; for quality, value clothing ranges in supermarkets. George joined forces with ASDA and the rest, as they say, is history. George is a brand with a great heritage and an even better future.

Asda George Reviews

Sarah Chisholm  | 14/11/19  12:38:01 | Store rating :
I love this shop.decent quality low prices on-time deliveries even at busy times of the year.can get alot for ur money and make it stretch especially in the sales.would highly recommend them to anyone on a budget
Terence Clothier  | 01/11/19  09:17:37 | Store rating :
I have just bought a great pair of cords for under £15. This is the second pair that I have purchased and they are very hard wearing. Great value! Asda Geaorge area great brand for good quality cheap everyday clothing.
Alicia Walsh  | 30/10/19  18:59:16 | Store rating :
Good for young children's clothing but not so keen on the adult clothing. Can get some real bargains for the little ones though. Would recommend Nice selection more for girls than boys as always struggled to find stuff for my son
J Phillips  | 25/10/19  20:55:55 | Store rating :
I was surprised by the clothes available to order online from Asda George. The website was easy to use and the descriptions clear. The items seemed all available and I was able to order quickly and easily. I used the click and collect service and it arrived into within 3 days.
Jade Hitchen  | 25/10/19  01:33:14 | Store rating :
amazing store, can always bank that george has what you need. its not just the clothing, when you need help with anything there is always a worker in site to help you with a smile, very polite. the sizes with clothes shoes, underwear are true to size aswell.
Hannah Haley  | 21/10/19  14:14:09 | Store rating :
George is brilliant not just for adult but for kids to everything keep and a lot of selection to choose from my step son loves the Jim jams and jumpers from there all so have a range of back to school stuff for cheap prices aswell
Ivayla Stoeva  | 01/10/19  17:28:43 | Store rating :
One of the best online shops for homeware and some clothes. I recommend it highly, cause it provides a good service, cheap prizes for the most necessary cutleries, glasses, dishes and all the necessary small equipments.
Siobhan Dooley  | 01/10/19  09:35:28 | Store rating :
Love George from asda,they always have a varied range of clothing, in with the trends and at a reasonable cost too, they even offer home delivery at a small cost or you can click and collect to pock up st store,
Zoe Beel  | 30/09/19  15:26:02 | Store rating :
value for money . quality clothes . good range of clothes. local shopping to my area sells everything you can think of . from grocery's to garden things medications to clothes and everyday essentials.
Steve Simple  | 29/09/19  07:18:40 | Store rating :
Asda George is great for those affordable school clothes we need for either a children or grandchildren or relatives children. The retailer provides the basics to ensure that the children wear clothes that the schools will approve of. The multipacks are leading buys
Sharon Casey  | 27/09/19  01:00:02 | Store rating :
Great store to shop in it has everything under one roof the clothes are of great quality and great value for money the staff are very healful and direct u to the area you are looking for. The food is of excellent value for money and they have a wide choice an range
Siobhan Dooley  | 21/09/19  13:14:53 | Store rating :
Bought some of my sons school uniform from there, its really good quality clothing, hard wearing and all at a reasonable price, home delivery was also cheap and my home delivery came quite quick Would recommend
Debbie Lister  | 02/09/18  19:42:44 | Store rating :
like shopping online and going into store.everyday deals on.makes my shopping bills lighter.for grocery.for household.for clothing.for birthday presents.christmas presents and all other seasonal celebrations and personal celebrations.the only shop everyone needs.
Aiveta Sutkiene  | 31/07/18  19:12:53 | Store rating :
Asda George is best stores for my family. I like to buy there all clothing for my family. In this story is a good price and good quality. All clothes have good colour. I ever buying in this storys.
Rebecca Sgarlata  | 26/05/18  21:44:45 | Store rating :
Asda George clothing line is the best clothing line which i buy from, i have never had a problem with their clothes and they also have a variety of sizes as being a size 18 i sometimes find it difficult to find this particular size especially in something which i like.
Mike Jones  | 29/03/18  22:08:39 | Store rating :
Great clothing store full of inexpensive options for the children's holidays. Multipack shirts for the boys and trousers that match school colors. Highly recommended and I would choose the superstores for comprehensive choice.
Joanna Nartowska  | 03/04/18  10:34:52 | Store rating :
I love to shop at this store. Lots of versatile goods. everyone will find something for himself . the store is worth recommending because of the freshness and versatility of the product................
Paige Barrie  | 25/03/18  12:23:25 | Store rating :
Amazing quality of the products. Great delivery service and good costumer service. The clothes and toys have really good deals. So many different stuff of clothes too. Cheap and cheerful. Brilliant shop
Olive Nolan  | 14/03/18  19:12:13 | Store rating :
Great for good cheap priced clothes for children and teenagers in a bright array of colours. Friendly staff and excellent customer services. Plenty of seasonal clothes too ' in anticipation of the holiday season.
MegaDancer  | 08/03/18  14:57:10 | Store rating :
This is a great on line store and I have a numerous items from it. The click and collect option is also great as I have a local store that is convenient for me to pick it up from. All in all excellent.
Tarja Williams  | 11/03/18  07:20:27 | Store rating :
Great experience. Great prices. Wide range of clothing for the whole family and can always find what I need even during theach sale periods there is always so much on offer that you always find something.
Tracey Westwood  | 04/03/18  00:14:51 | Store rating :
Love this store. I wish they sold more lines of clothing. Quite good quality especially for the price. Prices are extremely reasonable. Easy ways to pay. Good for shipping. Customer service are helpful of needed too. Definitelyrecommend this syore
megan lennox  | 24/02/18  15:56:31 | Store rating :
when searching for clothes in asda the staff were very attentive and assisted me to find my styles, even giving me some person views on the items that I was choosing to try on.The clothes were averaged prived and good quality
Don Lew  | 11/02/18  03:43:57 | Store rating :
I really do love the Asda George sales. I find that they really are and have Value for money. They, unlike some stores, are not afraid to lower their prices and I find that they do know how to reduce the prices for all of their customers.
Tracy Hardy  | 01/02/18  12:12:07 | Store rating :
I have used George in Asda for many years and I have never been disappointed. I am a plus size and I always find something stylish at George without having to pay a lot of money. They have an amazing section of accessories also.
Carrie oneill  | 26/01/18  15:00:14 | Store rating :
Great shop to get all your families basic wardrobe. or even something a little special for an occasion. I also buy school uniform from here. It's all good quality and gently lasts until it's outgrow. There's lots of choice for men women and kids
Julie Parry  | 10/01/18  12:19:37 | Store rating :
I love to shop here, it is excellent quality, it has a wide range and variety. It is value for money all round. You can get all your needs all under one roof, also has amenities for your use if needed.
Michelle Harrison  | 06/01/18  00:33:35 | Store rating :
I absolutely love george clothing, my three children look so good every single day. I love all the clothing ranges, kids, adults, pyjamas, footwear & underwear are all excellent quality & very reasonably priced. The service is fantastic & fast delivery.
Eliza Tudose  | 21/12/17  09:45:44 | Store rating :
I love the items i purchased. The tops run a little big in size but not much and there is room for my son to grow. This is my go to site in ordering clothes for my son, sleep suits in special. Everything I've bought so far has a good quality/price rapport.
Aiveta Sutkiene  | 14/12/17  11:35:51 | Store rating :
I really like this store because you can find beautiful clothes. You can find nice and quality clothes for children. We also buy bed linen and kitchen utensils. There is always a good price. This shop often has a good sale.
Ian Rees  | 10/12/17  04:57:23 | Store rating :
Bought Asda George brand suit for my girlfriend son for a wedding. The quality of the suit and the price was fantastic. Most places had suits over £50 for a tailored fit suit but only paid £20 for a suit that was reduced. So got a bargain on the suit
Kelly Potter  | 19/11/17  20:57:02 | Store rating :
George at Asda have absolutely great quality clothing at affordable prices. the winter range is great not only warm but fashionable as well. The kids look great and I know they will last and the service is quick and friendly.
Clare Quinlan  | 07/11/17  13:46:17 | Store rating :
i think George has lovely clothing and footwear also a great selection for kids, very good quality at fantastic prices for the social benefits budget, I often buy school uniforms from george as they are very cheap.
Gladia  | 26/10/17  03:30:27 | Store rating :
Everything's are very good and cost effective, I like the new fashion in George store. Services are better and very comfortable to purchase. One more return policy are good and applicable . I strongly recommend to other fellow members.
Paula  | 19/10/17  20:15:00 | Store rating :
I've shopped at Asda George many times, great choice of clothes for both adults and kids, recently purchased a lovely blouse, great quality, great price and good customer service. I also purchased a double pack of pj's for my grandson.
Michelle Little  | 16/10/17  15:49:25 | Store rating :
I've bought a lot of clothes recently from george and have found them very good. brilliant friendly customers service. plenty of choice of good quality products. I will be ordering a lot more for Christmas.
Sabrina Ghenaiet  | 01/10/17  19:59:19 | Store rating :
I like their clothes but most of the time they have run out of sizes in store. I think they could do with stocking up more items and also it would be helpful if the clothes were on the right hangers so you can see them.
Lisa Carlisle  | 15/09/17  10:35:42 | Store rating :
Excellent service ans great sales i get a lot of sale clothes for my 3 young children and they love wearing them. I even buy there school uniform from here as its cheap and washes well. Everytime i go in asda i have to look at george clothing
michelle fisher  | 17/09/17  08:53:27 | Store rating :
Very good layout with each section clear and easy to navigate around, each item organised in sizes prices are clearly labeled at the front of each rack, seats are available at the shoe area and nice large changing rooms.
Wilma Savage  | 10/09/17  21:13:35 | Store rating :
Great for back to schools purchases for the kids and grandkids. Prices are very reasonable. Lots of cheap Christmas offers too to allow us to build up month by month. The Asda cafe is a great meeting point.
Ash Wal  | 10/09/17  19:14:33 | Store rating :
Asda George i love this shop in store and online its cheap and good quality, has good customer service, staff are polite if you have a problem with the item you bought you can take/send it back with out any problems i recommended to family and friends !!!!
Gemma Morrow  | 05/09/17  23:40:06 | Store rating :
Very pleased with anything I have ever bought will definitely use the site to buy things of and delivery was also fast. I have reccommend to other family members to use to buy things online and they have all been happy also.
Sarah Swanson  | 02/09/17  09:08:49 | Store rating :
I find George excellent value for money I find the clothes good quality the children's clothes excellent especially the school wear. Loads of choice fashionable and their footwear sturdy comfortable .
Jane Cadman  | 30/08/17  05:59:49 | Store rating :
I was more than impressed with my trip. The prices and the range were really good. I bought several new outfits from the range, excellent quality and I would say bang up to date with styles. I will go back next month
Claire Shaw  | 24/08/17  00:34:09 | Store rating :
I have four children and two are in high school one in infants one in junior school and as you can imagine being a single mom to four children and little money coming in.I managed to get everything from shirts,shoes,trousers and skirts even shoes and pants for all under £80
Kerri Mcmahon  | 23/08/17  19:08:44 | Store rating :
Asda is my local store i love it the bargains are superb and the sales at george are second to none. There are more sales more frequently than any other store. The quality of the clothes are as good as any high street retailer
venita quinn  | 17/08/17  14:19:00 | Store rating :
Children's clothing is of high quality and very affordable !! It's great for mums trying to watch their pennies as children's clothing can be expensive as you are constantly replacing due to wear and tear !!
William Tyson  | 13/08/17  06:11:10 | Store rating :
My daughter got me a t'shirt from George at Asia for my birthday the price is excellent especially for the quality the quality is no different to next it has been washed a number of times and still holds its shape and hasn't faded a bit I recommend George clothing to anyone
Leon Burley  | 10/08/17  11:39:13 | Store rating :
Very good shop and would recommend to buy to anyone that asks me about Asda George you can buy anything from clothes for everyone's ages to buying things for your home and plus it's good quality of products too will last for ages.
Monsuoor Khan  | 09/08/17  08:07:24 | Store rating :
For great quality clothing for all the family then visit Asda George. They have something to suit all tastes and stock a good range of children's clothing and uniforms at very competitive prices you will not be disappointed.
Banasri Saha  | 08/08/17  11:16:24 | Store rating :
Asda George is a renowned shop. Our nearest superstore is just a few miles away and we enjoy browsing around the George clothing department. I agree that this is the ideal place for good quality ,long lasting,well designed,affordable children's clothes.......
Karen Maguire  | 07/08/17  07:55:18 | Store rating :
George had the best quality clothing at the most fantastic low prices I love the 100 day guarantee, not that it's needed, they wash so well. Beautiful clothing for all the family. Always Delivered on time. My favourite.
Rujina Begum  | 24/07/17  11:22:56 | Store rating :
Asda is one of the most amazing brand ever. I love shopping there because they seem to always have what I m looking for, their fashion is always on point and they always have amazing deals and offers. The quality is also great and the store atmosphere is great, I love shopping there be it online or in store it's a great brand
Jenny Rawlins  | 15/04/17  13:51:14 | Store rating :
Find Asda clean and staff are friendly. Love the clothes and food. The lay out of the store is very good unlike some other stores. Negative side Is there special diet, GF needs are lacking. Could improve on this by having more bread selection etc like the other main supermarket store Tesco! And this is why I have given 4 stars and not 5!

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