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Carphone Warehouse Reviews

Op dez pagina vind je shopinformatie en beoordelingen over Carphone Warehouse

Get fantastic mobile phone deals at Carphone Warehouse

choose from the latest handsets on pay monthly contracts, upgrades and pay as you go as well as a huge selection of accessories and a wide range of tablets.

Carphone Warehouse Reviews

Thomas Campbell  | 19/08/21  09:36:42 | Store rating :
When I bought my phone earlier this year, they were so patient and understanding with my ignorance of phones, so when my youngest son needed his first phone it was a no brainer to go them. It was a pleasure to deal with them.
Pam Welch  | 18/08/21  08:37:26 | Store rating :
I use car phone warehouse every time I update my phone. This is so I can get the look and feel of it so I know I’m getting the right phone. Very helpful staff!
Roy Batty  | 11/08/21  06:49:13 | Store rating :
It is excellent regarding quality and price. I would like the orders to take less to receive it but it is understandable .. in summary, highly recommended, incredible service at interesting price.
Emma Gilbert  | 07/08/21  11:07:59 | Store rating :
Very good service over all very good polite customer service and very helpful at anytime I had a problem with my contract they always sorted it in a reasonable time so for me this is the best place
Albert Marti  | 09/08/21  07:02:32 | Store rating :
It is a tent / web of telephony that has enough years, they are reliable and with good prices. They make a remembered Plan at a reasonable price. The only bad point, in store most of the times you go is full, I mean you have to wait a lot, the other
Stuart Robertson  | 31/07/21  06:23:10 | Store rating :
It is my favorite store for more than 10 years. They have an infinity of brands, models, accessories and you can even hire services and rates. They also have many stores to turn nearby.. In summary, highly recommended, incredible service at interesting price
Jean Smith  | 28/07/21  07:26:51 | Store rating :
It is the house specialized in mobile. If you do not have clear about technology what mobile to buy, they advise you greatly. And when changing your terminal and not being very set in technology is to give successful decision.
Alice Aubry  | 27/07/21  07:53:46 | Store rating :
I bought several mobiles in Carphone Warehouse, both free and different companies and the procedures have always been quite agile and without problems. Also with pretty good prices. For sure I recommend it.
Jemma Sparey  | 22/07/21  20:41:26 | Store rating :
Great service and website easy to use and free shipping very happy customer and great rewards and cash back earned
Jarris Pottas  | 16/07/21  06:57:20 | Store rating :
My experience has been very good, I bought a mobile latest high-end units, for less than half its price, and I was given 3 months of insurance at all free risk, and then only 20 punds, good purchase.. I highly recommend to family and friend, interest
Diana Jhonson  | 11/07/21  06:59:17 | Store rating :
Ive always liked buying at the Phone House store, since your offers are very good and dependents are very friendly, but what a pity they have taken away many of their stores and now it is harder to find one.
Chloe Chester  | 11/07/21  07:10:15 | Store rating :
I`ve always liked buying at the Carphone Warehouse store, since your offers are very good and dependents are very friendly, Professional support and huge amount of offers from diferents providers and manufacturers
Eduard Kingston  | 09/07/21  07:26:32 | Store rating :
This telephony multibrand store offers products and services like all others, but at very competitive prices. High or portability management is fast, safe and transparent. All perfect. With a great advantage over others.
Alison Enticott  | 30/06/21  12:42:28 | Store rating :
very good shop help full staff excellent customer service good deals always give their time to listen and solve problems explain all deals in full so you can choose best one to suit me if could give 100 star's I would keep up good work all of u u be best in the world
Lewis Smith  | 21/06/21  04:37:56 | Store rating :
a very good store to be in when trying to work out the best options to you regarding mobile phone tariffs,helpful staff kept me assured that I would be getting the best deal possible.A great range of different handsets which were affordable too
Georgia Glennon  | 09/06/21  10:10:20 | Store rating :
I would recommend this company to all my friends and familly. Lovely staff, very helpful and friendly. Lot off different phones to choose from and deals too. Love lpve this phone company. Would not go anywere eles
Jong King  | 26/05/21  09:50:15 | Store rating :
Great helpful service including full setup and transfer of data from old iPhone to new iPhone 11. We were in the shop for over one hour and they were patient and helpful, thoroughly, our visit was a joy and at no point did we feel we were taking too much time. recommended.
Jacqueline Tkaczek  | 21/05/21  15:34:53 | Store rating :
Excellent customer service staff are helpful and will always try to find the best deal lots of choice in store and lots of different offers to take advantage of
Leighanne Usher  | 15/05/21  23:59:15 | Store rating :
Great store fantastic products will definitely recommend to any one to shop here I will be coming back to shop here angain on day stag are wounderfulk happy and cheerful
Andreea Elena Timofte  | 30/04/21  09:06:13 | Store rating :
It is nice that this website gathers all the offers on the market in one place. Most of the things I am looking for on Carphone are the best deals of mobile phones contracts and what company offers it.
Deborah Garrick  | 14/04/21  01:30:12 | Store rating :
I was looking to get a new phone and also get a better deal on features such as unlimited calls, unlimited texts and a good deal for data.....but was unsure about what package to get...i had a call from carphone ware house had a great deal on a contract phone with on Vodafone network that ticked all the boxes of the features I wanted as mentioned above.
Egidijus Gelunas  | 09/04/21  12:59:26 | Store rating :
wow so easy to navigate the site ,the customer. service is the best, out of lot that I have dealt during years , delivery is always on time what can I say overall my experience with car phone warehouse was and still is at the top of the table ,so keep up the great job and service that you provide in future years
Gemma B  | 13/01/21  01:48:02 | Store rating :
Always have the latest products and brands at the best prices. Best deals are to be found online. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Best price's guaranteed with conveniently located locations, including curry's
Kevin Kayes  | 05/01/21  15:28:02 | Store rating :
The place to go when you want great deals.They are also very professional going about their job.I got.a great deal last week and didn’t even see it until one member of staff showed me the deal.thank y
Alina elena Chiriac  | 05/01/21  00:49:53 | Store rating :
Is good because they said 'Price Promise - If you find an upgrade, pay monthly SIM only or pay monthly deal for less at  Vodafone, we'll match it and pay the equivalent of your first month's standard line rental via cheque. Applies to published prices only where the handset is in stock and available for immediate purchase or dispatch. Proof of competitor price(s) require' i liked that
Airidas Gedgaudas  | 02/01/21  15:06:17 | Store rating :
Very good shop because my friend bye phone from what shop , and I let know other’s peoples about what
Tahreem Ahmad  | 25/12/20  12:44:26 | Store rating :
I've ordered a few items online from the store recently ( my samsung tv and my note 9) and have been very satisfied with their service as delivery of all items has been prompt and with the goods in excellent condition. They also send text messages keeping you up to date with the time of the delivery. Their prices are very reasonable too. I have no complaints about their tech support either. Highly recommended
Conor Stevenson  | 20/12/20  18:40:49 | Store rating :
Amazing store and friendly staff. Great deals and the staff have alit of knowledge and helpful in every way
Carole Hearns  | 07/12/20  00:05:25 | Store rating :
I managed to get a great deal on a new phone, with great spec. Cheaper than anywhere else, also great value phone contract . Excellent value on my new phone and very fast delivery. Shipping was free Thank you very much. Highly recommended.
Katarzyna Domaradzka  | 23/11/20  00:58:16 | Store rating :
Fast, efficient and professional service.Very good. rich offerI recommend
lorraine jones  | 17/11/20  21:57:29 | Store rating :
great deal good cash back rewards but you need to ask for them I've had some good deals when taking out contract phones. I got an I phone 8 £350 cash back and £50 trade in of old phone that cost me £10
SANDRA ONEILL  | 12/11/20  08:26:52 | Store rating :
i found the staff in my local caR phone warehouse to be very Good and helpful staff. he prices on a lot of the phones were very competitive prices on deals. the shop had plenty of different service providers and lots of different deals to suit every bodies budget. the store had basic handsets right upto the top of the range, and everything in-between. the store also had lots of accessories
Tammy Squire  | 07/11/20  17:03:20 | Store rating :
Highly recommended best phone deals ever, really trustworthy very helpfull and always there to find u the best network deals
Louise Ackers  | 07/11/20  22:45:23 | Store rating :
Really good and would recommend this company and there service to anyone brilliant members of staff in there shops aswell had all of my phones from these guys well done to you all keep up the good work
Danielle Robertson  | 04/11/20  00:15:29 | Store rating :
Always have experienced great customer service. Great range of phones from contracts to pay as you go phones.. I have bought a few contracts from here over the past 10 years. Obline and in store has a wide range of cases and chargers all accessories needed.
tabrez Hussain  | 03/11/20  02:12:31 | Store rating :
first choice for mobile phone deals as they have a lot to offer and can find the best deal just by looking at different network providers and comparing the costs I would recommend car phone warehouse to everyone as they are reliable and can help you get the deal you need
Mei guyll  | 02/11/20  15:52:25 | Store rating :
If I were buying a mobile phone, this is one of the first place for me to check out. Carphone Warehouse always help me to save time by comparing mobile offers across all the Telcos without me having to go to each individual The site is user-friendly and there is always someone human to chat with.
Mukhtiar Singh  | 31/10/20  19:15:38 | Store rating :
I filled the form for iPhone 11 trade-in on 18th October and got my trade-in package on 25th October. I sent my phone on the same day. My package was delivered on 28th October and got agreed value in my bank account on 30th October. I sent an e-mail about the status of my trade-in process on 28th October, but they haven't replied yet, thus I gave 4 stars because of lack of
Helen Curran  | 29/10/20  12:31:48 | Store rating :
Carphone ware house is a reasonably good site, it has good deals with a wide range of optioons to suit all budgets and requirements. They have a lot of advertisements on televsion to promote themselves, although the ads can be a little irritating.
Lynn Juska  | 19/10/20  08:14:55 | Store rating :
Not got a personal opinion but friends have used them quite a few years ago
Lisa Waugh  | 15/10/20  23:31:16 | Store rating :
I thought the shop had very nice staff, very knowledgeable and happy to help. I kept running into problems while trying to upgrade online and was getting frustrated so I went in the shop to ask for help, which I received.
Lisa Breakwell  | 05/10/20  23:19:13 | Store rating :
I've been using carphone warehouse for my mobile phone contracts since 2004. I have looked elsewhere for cheaper contracts and always end up back with them managing to get me to best deal. I have always found the staff to be honest and respectful, not over selling or being pushy, which I like. I'd recommend Carphone Warehouse
Alyan chahil  | 04/10/20  03:54:27 | Store rating :
very good service and affordable prices i would recommend to everyone to go there for best serices....although if compared to others its bit costly but the service and good work matters so i choose good work over price
Lindsey Muir  | 03/10/20  18:03:30 | Store rating :
Excellent online store with great selections of phones. Customer service is helpful and efficient when arranging new contracts
Neema Arun  | 02/10/20  22:35:06 | Store rating :
They provide excellent service. A wide variety of products are available to choose from. We get to see the model we require in store before we make a purchase. It is very convenient to reach and there is plenty of parking space. Overall I enjoy shopping here.
Diya Patel  | 30/09/20  16:23:58 | Store rating :
I think carphone warehouse is a really good company. Very trustworthy and you can rely on them for good quality things!
Sahdia Mahmood  | 20/09/20  17:32:43 | Store rating :
Carphone warehouse is the most popular phone shop and has amazing deals and great range of models. I seen an upgrade offer on the website where you can trade-in your old device for an extra £100 if you purchase a phone from the S20 range, great! However, after completing the application and going through check out with confirmation, the trade-in disappeared! called customer services same day and they said not to worry the envelope for the trade-in will take a few days to arrive. Got it next day
Ffyona Devan  | 17/09/20  00:26:56 | Store rating :
Have had several contracts over the last 10 years. Always received great service and never had any problems or issues with and of their products.
Kelly Çetin  | 08/09/20  08:29:03 | Store rating :
Absolutely fantastic. I must admit I was quite worried about getting a new phone this way because I have previously always gone in-store, but I needed a new one and because of lockdown thought I'd give it a try. I'm so happy I did it, perfect customer service and the phone arrived like I'd expected and it arrived the following morning
Carlos Fragoso  | 06/09/20  13:55:00 | Store rating :
Very good deals,very good costumer support. Been there to get a mobile on contract,the staff very helpful and understanding top notch.Definitely shopping there again.
Paul Reid  | 28/08/20  08:53:23 | Store rating :
Very easy to order and get your new phone with them I have had many different contracts with them and had no issues
Beth Hutton  | 25/08/20  09:16:19 | Store rating :
Always friendly staff with good knowledge of the products and usually have varied options for contracts so you can find a one to suit you.
 | 23/08/20  10:18:24 | Store rating :
bought new iPhone from here,was extremely helpful directing me to the best deal for my usage. I would highly recommend anyone e considering a new phone to try out these guys 1 st as they are amongst the best I have used and are honest and cheerfully go about their business.
Claire Rita  | 14/08/20  23:47:01 | Store rating :
Got alot of help from the young man here, got myself a free TV with renewing my contract!!! Got my contract charge bought down, more free data, new phone and the TV.. Really very happy with the deal. Will use this company again
Davina Atayo  | 04/08/20  08:21:10 | Store rating :
Best site to get a phone from, recently got my phone from them and they was a lovely service while it was quick and easy due to corona
carl Bennett  | 02/08/20  11:39:47 | Store rating :
its brilliant,they don't mess about and give u so much help,they really look after you.they have so much to choose from and the customer service is excellent,they couldn't do anymore for you,the team are excellent too.
MAHNOOR REHMAN  | 01/08/20  15:58:26 | Store rating :
really good services and offer reasonable prices for all things there. I would definitely recomend the company for help if you need it. I had an issue and went there personally and they helped me through everything
Kiran Bhuller  | 28/07/20  18:05:13 | Store rating :
Wonderful choice of products. Great, efficient customer service... had isssues and queries sorted out almost immediately and with ease on a few occasions now. Would definitely recommend and return too
Dorota Idzkowska  | 28/07/20  13:36:01 | Store rating :
I buy phones only in Carphone Warehouse becouse they have excelent service, best prices on the market, always lovely and very helpful staff. There is many good deals available, affordable for everyone.
Yvonne Doris  | 21/07/20  06:59:13 | Store rating :
great shop and customer service would highly recommend as the products are amazing I have been a customer for years and have never been let down always happy to help and resolve issues straight away ..
Raymond Hemmens  | 19/07/20  20:26:24 | Store rating :
Great website, easy to negotiate and customer service team are friendly and helpful. Never had any issues with Carphone Warehouse and used them for a good few years.
Margaret-clare Mccormack  | 17/07/20  12:28:49 | Store rating :
The person I spoke to was nice and friendly as well as polite and professional they answered my query with plenty of knowledge and confidence I would definitely use Cqr Phone Warehouse again great
Tanya Haire  | 10/07/20  20:25:48 | Store rating :
Great service from these guys. Got me exactly what I was looking for at a great price and the after service was amazing. Sale man knew his stuff and was very helpful in finding me the right product. Will be back when the contract needs renewed.
Tania Emmerich  | 09/07/20  11:17:01 | Store rating :
i love dealing with this company there so nice and understanding and are willing to help if they can. ive bought multiple items from here ive had no issues
Jolanta Slaska  | 26/06/20  02:54:17 | Store rating :
I have a really good experience with Carphone Warehouse. The delivery is usually next day, the whole purchasing process is easy and hassle free. They have good offers for both: pay as you go and pay monthly contract options. Generally I highly recommend.
Antonio Heras  | 16/06/20  05:50:28 | Store rating :
I had never come before, I did not know very well how it worked, the staff were very friendly and respectful, they had some knowledge about all the products, they have a fast and organized server.I would honestly recommend it a lot since I felt very comfortable in the place, with the services appropriate to me. I hope they continue this well :)
cecily Harris  | 15/06/20  22:40:58 | Store rating :
Great store, helpful staff that were approachable and friendly, the store whad a good choice of phones with different price plans, they also sell a good variety of phone accessories with great offers and you can also shop online easily
 | 03/06/20  00:35:26 | Store rating :
I'm with O2. But I will always use carphone warehouse to purchase my products. I have done for over 10 years. Carphone Wharehouse have the best deals than any other Mobile provider. Would highly recommend.
Kathryn Raithby  | 01/06/20  23:36:04 | Store rating :
love carphone. warehouse their staff are friendly yet professional and have good product knowledge without bombarding you with technical terms or seemingly to have any bias towards brands or products they just listen and offer advice where required
Adilah Ijaz  | 01/06/20  02:25:31 | Store rating :
Amazing customer service. Staff were friendly and helpful, I was told about my contract and how easy everything was to set up, can’t wait to use my new phone
Umar merajdin  | 25/05/20  21:17:55 | Store rating :
wonderful. I like it very much . this is awesome and this is a great . I recommend this . specially I would like it and you will refer it to your friends . I searched it on line and I will request to all my friends kindly must try out this one and you will like it too much
Stephany Nsiah  | 04/05/20  02:25:48 | Store rating :
Carphone is a great store I like their technologies. I recently purchased an iPhone 11 from there with a plan instalment. And I like their service is really good. I would recommend to go there.
Scott Young  | 02/05/20  16:43:27 | Store rating :
Amaizng really good and so helpful best phone place to buy a phone really cheap staff so friendly and great
Sharon Casey  | 29/04/20  12:03:41 | Store rating :
Always been a customer of carphone warehouse find there products great an customer service great they also have a brilliant selection of phone accessories at very resonable prices. I would definitely recommend all my family and friends to shop with ur company
Edyta Glaspan  | 24/04/20  08:49:21 | Store rating :
First time I have purchased an item from carphone warehouse was 11 years ago and it was my first smart phone. Since then I have made few purchases and I am totally happy with the services provided as well as with the customer services too
Lesley Ellis  | 23/04/20  09:31:20 | Store rating :
Great customer service as always in stores,Going to be missed so much,Good luck to a the great workers x
Rachel  | 23/04/20  00:25:39 | Store rating :
Good customer services, wide range of offers for monthly contract mobile phones aswell as pay as you go, sim only contracts. Can get all accessories for any device at reasonable price. Staff are friendly and attentive
Ergul Altundal  | 10/04/20  11:33:09 | Store rating :
Always quality and good. staffs always friendly and smiles so you feeling happy to shop in here. So thanks..
Rebecca Flynn  | 08/04/20  00:08:31 | Store rating :
great deals and always have a free gift when when buying a new phone makes it so much more exciting like 2 4 1 and theres a few things they have on offer always happy to help with any questions dont make you feel pressured into buying let you have time to think it over
Gemma Fillingham  | 04/04/20  16:58:08 | Store rating :
i have used car phone warehouse often for contract and pay as go phones online and in stores, great friendly help, the delivery is always fast and swcure, i also never feel pressured to buy a certain branded phone or network
 | 04/04/20  17:20:14 | Store rating :
a good store im Wrexham, nice service everybody always smile and profesional. no mater what deal u have the stuf wi find better deal for u. stores are always clean and tidy and personel is looking good as well
Danielle Woodcock  | 03/04/20  11:39:03 | Store rating :
Always very helpful staff whenever I’ve been into the store! Have the best deals whenever I have shipped for a new contract
Elle Cruden  | 12/03/20  15:53:42 | Store rating :
Great service. Thanks very much for helping me decide when there is sooooooo much variety to choose from. Wonderful selection of phones and contracts. Staff very knowledgeable
Craig Green  | 03/03/20  02:50:31 | Store rating :
Great deals on the latest smart phones. Also quite easy to obtain a contract with1 of the latest brand new smart phones, even if you have a questionable credit history. Option of next day delivery or pick up next day in store.
Charlie Siggins  | 16/02/20  22:27:57 | Store rating :
Not a bad service at all, always very satisfied with customer service . Never had a problem, cannot fault at all
Andrew Turner  | 13/02/20  13:18:58 | Store rating :
I have had a few phones from carphone warehouse and have always been pleased with my purchases and the customer service I have received the staff are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the phones I bought.
Claire buller  | 06/02/20  02:05:57 | Store rating :
I got a new upgrade phone, really helpful customer service man, showed me how to use it and was really extra helpful. I even got a 46inch free TV and will definitely be going back to change my broadband to them. Thanks carphone wearhouse
Brian Bicknell  | 29/01/20  13:36:06 | Store rating :
Some very tempting offers but do be very sure to check out the competition and be aware that prices can change from day to day- even on the same day! Take care about add-ons that may not have been obvious in the original offer.
Gemma Leeder  | 27/01/20  13:00:09 | Store rating :
I have had 3 contract phones with the car phone warehouse and have been very good great service very helpful customer service and very good quality phones any problem I had with the phone They help me understand
Anibes Khan  | 21/01/20  21:21:55 | Store rating :
I like to buy mobile phone from carphone warehouse. They have got variety payment options. They have got wabsite to go and visit. you can pop down shop or either go to online to cheak or order any think you would like.
Elena Hendi  | 16/01/20  15:57:27 | Store rating :
I bought my first pay monthly phone contract, with the Carphone Warehouse, and the staff was so helpful and kindly, i repeat my visit there, since, every time I need some tech advise, or buy or update.
Mark Mcmullan  | 07/01/20  21:45:08 | Store rating :
good customer service excellent phone great price. I would highly recommend it you to use them the service was so fast I understood them very easily and the price is the lowest I got anywhere thanks.!
Kellie plant  | 01/01/20  06:18:27 | Store rating :
I had a mobile phone they offer good deals,Very friendly ,good value for money , one of the best in the area
Monsuoor Khan  | 28/12/19  19:12:25 | Store rating :
If you want the latest smartphone whether it is Samsung or iPhone or whatever takes your fancy then visit Carphone Warehouse for some great deals. They Have good offers and packages to suit everyone .
Steven Kearns  | 20/12/19  15:59:52 | Store rating :
Carphone warehouse is one of the best mobile shops about there prices are reasonable and affordable I recently purchased a new phone from them an Alcatel one best mobile phone I have ever had I recommend this store to all my friends and family great store
Janine Postlethwaite  | 16/12/19  11:26:34 | Store rating :
Carphone Warehouse for the best deals and advice on phones minutes texts and all the data for you and your family
Dave Beaumont  | 09/12/19  08:10:04 | Store rating :
I always use carphone warehouse for my devices they are the best my far. friendly, helpful and they explain everything in plain english, they always look to get you the best deal and coverage for what you need,
Liz Blake  | 01/12/19  21:16:45 | Store rating :
Always friendly and helpful staff in store. Would always try and use the store because of these. Store is well laid out and phones are displayed well. Being able to see and handle the device that you like is helpful when making the decision on which device to buy. The staff are more than happy to help and they give useful advice on which device is best suited for the customers needs.
Terry-louise Storey-hellens  | 05/11/19  21:05:13 | Store rating :
had a contract through them a few years now, some stores are more helpful than others, probably better just using the website though if I'm honest. insurance isn't too bad really, usually just replace a phone rather than fix it...
Angela Mott  | 10/10/19  12:01:30 | Store rating :
I always use Carphone Wharehouse. They are polite interested informative efficient and always give great service. My first stop when choosing a phone or network. The shop is full of up todate phones.

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