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Giffgaff Reviews

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Mobile phone network with Discount at Giffgaff

giffgaff costs you miles less than other mobile networks. We are an online SIM only business and our standard rates are less than half those charged by the big networks. We promise to always keep things simple and to always do our best to be fair.

Giffgaff Reviews

Rachel Weston  | 07/01/20  02:01:16 | Store rating :
Great coverage, best value available. App is good and the offers are really good. Get everyone on giffgaff and never overpay for minutes, texts and data again!
Luigi Lillo  | 24/12/19  09:00:51 | Store rating :
great choice , no contract, good coverage , good customer service and referral program. highly recommended. the good thing is that you're not tied to them so you can leave whenever you want and you can top spend as much as you want
Muhammad Seedat  | 24/12/19  07:35:35 | Store rating :
I initially joined due to my parents being on giffgaff and the calls were free from giffgaff to giffgaff. Years later I’m still with them as I’ve found them to be very practical and easy.
Rosemary Kennedy  | 24/12/19  00:30:04 | Store rating :
Brilliant net work husband with this net work I was with you but changed just about all the family with you
Vikki Lathan  | 23/11/19  08:20:24 | Store rating :
Joined giff gaff through this site and I’m glad to say it’s the best thing I’ve done no contracts very good goody bags for all cost bundles customer service always To hand to assist and guide you
Mandy Brown  | 17/11/19  02:27:15 | Store rating :
Excellent coverage never had a problem with giff gaff. Ive changed the whole family over to it. Really pleased and so cheap best value for data.
Grzegorz Wisniewski  | 17/11/19  06:44:21 | Store rating :
I would highly recommend. I've been with giffgaff for over a year. I have never had a problem with giffgaff.... Good prices and coverage, I'm happy and I don't think about change............ Thank.....
Clare Richards  | 14/11/19  23:20:14 | Store rating :
my 15 year old son changed to this network after being with his old supplier for over 3 years and loves it he has a great deal with them on a sim only basis, im considering it myself when ny contract ends. definitely worth looking into.
Tony Wenborne  | 02/11/19  12:58:51 | Store rating :
great well trusted company . will stay with you always. really happy that I can choose what payment plan I want each month. also customer service is fantastic. I love the app too and can check my balance . top up credit and change monthly plans so easily .
Sherie Asquith  | 16/10/19  20:05:15 | Store rating :
I would recommend giffgaff to anyone person to join it. There package are so awesome value for money well worth it so people get your sims ordered
Kelly Knight  | 16/10/19  16:35:31 | Store rating :
Excellent value and very low cost, never encountered any problems with them and been with them for over 5 years
Katrina Saliba  | 14/10/19  11:32:37 | Store rating :
I was pleased with what I received from giffgaff and have no bad words to say I was a pay as you go customer
Claire Telford  | 04/10/19  13:00:10 | Store rating :
I love giffgaff they have very good pay as u go plans witch are very good for what u get not many mobile networks do great deals like giffgaff
Kelly Penny  | 25/09/19  23:02:56 | Store rating :
Been with giff gaff over a year and I have never had a problem, they are great value for money and they have great customer incentive and rewards I would recommend to anyone. they also value the opinions of the customers and also implement suggestions that makes the service even more rewarding.. the giff gaff to giff gaff free calls and texts is great especially with the children to get in touch without worrying about the credit on their phones I am very keen to see what else they come up with
Bjorn Bishop  | 29/01/19  10:45:45 | Store rating :
GiffGaff has many fans, but, if you want good internet speed it can't be recommended to choose this firm. GiffGaff run on the O2 network and while the signal in most places is very good and the packs they provide are good value (calls and texts) the internet is too slow (Kbps, not Mbps). Unlimited data (is capped at 20GB thus not Unlimited) does not provide the value it advertises. This network suits calls and texts only.
Danielle Shields  | 09/01/19  06:52:01 | Store rating :
Very good for Money excellent friendly helpful customer service would definitely recommend to anyone to join their network i don't think I will be joining another network anytime soon iv not been with them long but happy all round with Giffgaff
Rebecca Charters  | 13/11/18  15:23:11 | Store rating :
Giffgaff is an excellent mobile provider, they offer great value for money and no contracts so you can leave if you decide they're not for you. I would definitely recommend, I get great signal and the packages are cheap.
Damian Krukowski  | 13/09/18  20:55:05 | Store rating :
Definitely the best mobile network nad the best offers. I buy every month goodbang for £25 without limit with messages, minutes and the Internet. Giffgaff is the only mobile network that I recommend to family and friends. So far, four of my friends have chosen giffgaff when I told them what giffgaff has offers and in addition free sim cards that are delivered by post to home and in a very short time.
Judy ***  | 08/09/18  18:21:12 | Store rating :
Best Network Prowider on the World!!! I found GiffGaff by chance, more than a Two years ago and I've already stayed. Also recommend GiffGaff to lots of my friends & family, for which I received £££. The Best Bundles, great Phone Deals. Do not hesitate, just change your mobile operator to GIFFGAFF today!!!!
Natalie Richards  | 09/09/18  07:26:57 | Store rating :
GIFFGAFF is a great network provider. When your bundle runs out, you can just buy another, no need to wait for the 30 days to pass. Great deals,best deals great saving just check it out. Get paid if you refer a friend £5 plus £10 bonus. I got my cash for referring a friend and got paid into my PayPal account. This is to good a deal not to check it out.
Lettie Platt  | 07/09/18  05:21:12 | Store rating :
Best network I have been on for years ... Always get good deals and on my old number because of this new SIM am able to get the latest version of the latest deals were I couldn't get the time before
Zara Leeson  | 31/08/18  13:54:05 | Store rating :
very cheap tariff brilliant deals would highly recommend this is a bit of a difficult one to set up but brill. .........................................................................................................................
lisa jayne  | 20/08/18  22:32:45 | Store rating :
I signed up for Giffgaff £20 a month SIM only deal on their website. after realising I'd made a mistake on the payment I tried contacting customer service number however there isn't one! not impressed
Angela Keeling  | 02/08/18  02:14:45 | Store rating :
I absolutely love Giff Gaff. The fact that your not tied into a monthly contract and you can stay or go is brill. You can start your goody bag from as little as £5 a month for calls, txt & data. And you can change it to suit your needs & not the phone company. Which is always a plus in my book. Have recommend to my family I'm that impressed with it.
Isabella Sparaco  | 25/06/18  11:14:11 | Store rating :
Giff Gaff is the network provider I know use for my phone. I like the bundles it offers as these vary from person to person, so it gives everyone the option and even advises you on which bundle best suits you after you've used it for the first month
Clairease Noon  | 24/04/18  17:13:44 | Store rating :
great network with some really good deals to fit your needs. I've been with theses sometime and network coverage is great as I've never had a problem with it. customer service is good and your not on hold for hrs they are very helpful to.
Stephnie Johnson  | 08/04/18  01:20:57 | Store rating :
happy to have joined won't be changing any time soon, will definitely recommend to friends and family, best deals around by far have tried all packages an love the fact I'm not tied to just one contract an can change whenever I feel like it
emma wheatly  | 26/03/18  15:19:16 | Store rating :
best network ive ever been on very affordable and works amazing wouldn't change my provider since I got the network and that was About 5+ years now so yea amazing and always reliable easy to top up too just get the app
Nicola Drew  | 16/03/18  12:26:46 | Store rating :
fantastic network. its very reliable, value for money and no contracts to sign up to. customers can change their bundle plans each month to suit own personal usage. top network i would highly recommend.
Alicia Walsh  | 19/03/18  20:31:23 | Store rating :
great value for money amazing deals and all you can eat data for £20 per month . one of the best sim only providers at the moment. slight lack of connection at peak times but still value for money . would recommend to people over other companies .
Aiveta Sutkiene  | 20/03/18  06:36:34 | Store rating :
I like this mobile phones service because here is always good price. All the my family have Giffgaff plan. We can speak together speak for free. I very recomended this service for all my friends. Only £5 and you can all months using this service !!!
Natalia Murach  | 08/03/18  19:10:57 | Store rating :
I love it. I have ordered two mobile phones from giff gaff store. Deliveries were quick. Good prices as well. Sim cards which i ordered came very fast. Very goog goodybags. I highly recommend giff gaff to everyone.
Robert Stevenson  | 03/03/18  21:10:15 | Store rating :
best mobile network at the moment. and the price is great for your money you can choose from £7.50 and I think it's up to £25 or you can choose a data package if you go through a lot of data.and I think the service is great as well especially when you go abroad as you don't need to buy any add ons as your service works just as great when you go abroad. So I would rate this a 5 out of 5 without hesitation.
Sian mallen  | 03/03/18  22:28:23 | Store rating :
Great sim only deals. No contract. Very quick to respond to queries. Fast dispatch with free delivery. Was perfect for my little boy to use so he could go out and play pokemon go without me committing to and lob term and expensive contracts
Joyce Manley  | 18/02/18  20:35:56 | Store rating :
Great if friends and relatives are on the Giff Gaff network. Can work out really cheap as you can pay £5 for a months calls and texts and once the month is up you get 3 months free calls and texts to other Giff Gaff numbers before having to pay again.
Katie O'Sullivan  | 23/01/18  18:29:48 | Store rating :
it is very easy to set up new accounts and to attach another account to an exsisting account. it very easy to use website. all the tariffs are very good value. I have recommended Giffgaff to my family and friends.
Malcolm Benn  | 14/11/17  09:07:43 | Store rating :
I love the fact that calls and texts are free if your contacts are on the same network and you also get rewarded for topping up. Great network I would recommend it to anyone. I also like the range of goody bags you can buy, you can buy just texts or minutes or data and also variants of those.
Mandi Neal  | 13/11/17  09:04:51 | Store rating :
I think giffgaff is good value for money, the only thing I don't like about it is if you have a problem there isn't a phone number you can call and speak to somebody. Other than that it's pretty good. I have friends that are on giffgaff and will not change to any other network.
Colin Folkard  | 09/11/17  18:01:25 | Store rating :
Very good better than anyone quick and easy to make a new phone number and you never want to change good to earn when you send SIM cards to other people you will earn £5 every time it's so excellent no worries wil HD supply with giffgaff you can actually do everything with Giffgaff.
wayne hawes  | 22/10/17  01:36:00 | Store rating :
giffgaff is the best price for your mobile device and best of all it's 20 pounds the use of unlimited data, texts, unlimited minutes and all the data you need. Also I'm able to make calls to other people on giffgaff if I only top up every three months. I strongly recommend that you think about it and try the twenty pounds package.
Shelby  | 19/10/17  16:04:25 | Store rating :
I have been with giffgaff for a few years now and have never had a problem and you get good value for your money on goody bags. There are affordable prices and you're not tied down to a contract as you can cancel at any time.
Vicky Dalby  | 15/10/17  10:31:34 | Store rating :
I've finally found the network for me! £20 a month gives me calls texts but best of all unlimited data. That's the best thing that a network has ever given me. That and free giff gaff to giff gaff calls and an amazing signal what more could I ask for! Try them and you won't regret it.
Aiveta Sutkiene  | 05/10/17  10:48:48 | Store rating :
Great services. I like good prices.You can spend a less money per month and had good service. My family have three Giff Gaff and we can speak and send messages for free. I would recommend this services for all.
Teresa Collins  | 19/09/17  16:51:39 | Store rating :
Have been a giffgaff customer for year's now and would not use any other company for my mobile phone network. For just £15 a month I get 5GB of data unlimited texts and calls and free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts forever... Not bad at all.
Laura Jordan  | 18/09/17  17:39:43 | Store rating :
I get a £20 goody bag each month and It's an absolutely brilliant deal, the best that I've had from any other network, I definitely will not be changing my network again. I'm just in the process of getting my full family changed over to giffgaff.
Martin Feehan  | 17/09/17  12:15:12 | Store rating :
Great service , easy to use APP. Call plans that suit your needs . Never had any issue or problem with Giffgaff and they update you on any changes to their plans and also recommend the best plan for customers . Would definitely recommend Giffgaff.
Jade Cleary  | 02/09/17  00:10:00 | Store rating :
I've been with giffgaff for around 2 years now and not once had an issue. I use the £20 goodybag and its the best deal I've used for my phone. I also switched my second phone over to giffgaff and have saved so much money.
Cally Warriner  | 01/09/17  15:09:14 | Store rating :
I'm with giffgaff and am extremely happy with the service. Best provider I've been with no plans to leave.Suits my everyday needs. No disruption or connectivity issues value for money great coverage and easy to use.
Tahmour Ali  | 10/08/17  23:39:58 | Store rating :
Love giffgaff. Use it as my current provider on their monthly all you can eat good bag. Works a real treat everything unlimited and runs smoothly. It's a must! Try it out order your free sim pop it into your phone and buy your preferred plan. it's that simple
Manda Slater  | 06/08/17  23:42:24 | Store rating :
Highly recommended! Been with giffgaff since they first started would never change now! great deals on goodybags! Great customer support love them!
Louise Nawaz  | 27/07/17  06:08:30 | Store rating :
Great network friendly staff always willing to help. cheap and reliable great signal and good for the internet cheap when talking abroad. Would recommend to all my friends and family glad I changed from the network i was on and wished I had done it years ago as it is saving me so much money.
Paul Stanyard  | 08/08/17  13:13:50 | Store rating :
Nice and cheap and very flexible you can also buy phones cheap. I also like the flexibility of their phone tariffs. I like the idea if a pay as you go sim overall a very good service provider they are defiantly the cheapest line tariff available.
marie Carlin  | 07/08/17  03:38:04 | Store rating :
I personally think that guff gaff is best simply card ever,it the cheapest from my point of view. brilliant thank you gift gaff the services are great.i think you've been a great service for me gift gaff, I am so glad I found you!
Teresa Collins  | 09/07/17  01:46:10 | Store rating :
Been using giffgaff for years now and they are amazing!! For just £10.00 I get 2g of data 500 minutes talk time and unlimited texts. They have a great website that you can use very easily, there is a forum for any help you may need. And you can help others too and earn points for payment to your PayPal account or other choices.
Janine Armitage  | 12/06/17  00:19:51 | Store rating :
giffgaff as part of the o2 network are really good, cheap and easy to use. probably one of the better ones. highly recommend it to you if you're looking for reliability and quality at a snip. go ahead and see for yourself the service provided
Suzanne Stephens  | 20/05/17  08:30:11 | Store rating :
I've been with giffgaff from the beginning, I've got friends and family to join, we all ring each other free now,customer service is spot on replies straight away Definitely recommend to everyone when I can
Charlotte Fowler  | 09/05/17  01:30:53 | Store rating :
i have been with giffgaff for a few years now and I am very happy with my tariff. it's affordable and Easy to manage. I'm not tied into contracts either so if I can't afford to top up for a couple of days I don't get late fees or blocked.
Chloe Taylor  | 06/05/17  13:38:54 | Store rating :
Amazing deals! Cheap prices and you get loads for your money!! Also best network for strong signal !!
Kirstie Glynn  | 01/05/17  22:57:10 | Store rating :
Joined Giffgaff and pay £18 for pretty much the same deal as I was originally gettin with my contract (well I was on unlimited calls/txs but never used more than 600)
Janet Murphy  | 22/04/17  11:49:37 | Store rating :
I joined giff gaff about 2 years ago and I won't change provider's now. I can top up as little as £5 if I have very little funds available. I have had very little issues with coverage. it also helps that I can review my account at any time.
Emilia Dobrzyn  | 19/04/17  12:13:57 | Store rating :
I've been with Giffgaff for 3 years and the service is great. loads new deals and offers, good customer service, easy start up. Recommended to my friends and they were also happy. the only disadvantage is internet. there was no service in my work place in a village 20 miles away from my city.
Sarah Todd  | 08/04/17  01:10:50 | Store rating :
I love this network good and easy to use they have good tariffs and the reviews are good. I have been with giff gaff nearly two years and I'm happy with the company and the best thing is that you get payback to use for credit or charity etc.
Sophie Isaac  | 06/04/17  02:17:31 | Store rating :
I've had various contracts and pre paid numbers over the years, but by far the best out there to date is giffgaff. 20 a month for unlimited everything. Can't go wrong.
Sarah Parkes  | 23/03/17  10:48:42 | Store rating :
Giff gaff is the best mobile network I have come across. I buy a £20 bundle every month and have no need for anything else.
Paula Bryant  | 18/03/17  12:45:08 | Store rating :
Great site, clear, easy to understand and easy to find your great deals at unbeatable prices. Thanks giffgaff.
Kevin Pirate  | 16/03/17  14:48:50 | Store rating :
Cheapest network going! Easy to set up and use, reliable coverage and signal strength. Run by the members so a wide range of help and advice available via the community. Earn payback by joining and spreading the word. Brilliant!
Cheryl Dunn  | 08/03/17  23:41:54 | Store rating :
This has got to be the best network I have used by far. The service is quick and easy and the bundles are varied and excellent value. I can ring and text unlimited to other giffgaff users when I make a top up every three months. Great overall. Well impressed.
Andrea Horvathova  | 04/03/17  16:44:04 | Store rating :
It's the best.
Kelly Bell  | 02/03/17  22:23:48 | Store rating :
I have been with GiffGaff since they first started out and it's by far the best mobile network. It offers better value and quality for your money against other pay as you go/ contract plans. I would find it difficult to go anywhere else and definitely recommend to others.
Ruth Morris  | 12/02/17  08:15:01 | Store rating :
Great mobile phone operator, great value and really helpful customer service.
Ashley Knox  | 08/02/17  17:10:59 | Store rating :
it's a good company for calling they have loads of offers for calling and texting and internet access
Nancy Ratcliff  | 22/01/17  12:09:11 | Store rating :
I've been with giffgaff now for over 3 years great network as all my family are also on giffgaff so we get to call each other for free. Would never leave giffgaff I'm be on it for life.
Lisa garden  | 08/01/17  19:10:50 | Store rating :
Great service
Jodie Campbell  | 12/01/17  15:44:42 | Store rating :
I think Giffgaff are the Cheapest mobile provider currently around with brilliant deals and great signal. Highly recommend this network.
Lorraine Rochester  | 08/12/16  21:00:21 | Store rating :
one the best sim deals out there perfect for the kids
Michael Crewe  | 10/12/16  12:01:53 | Store rating :
Great network to be a member of, it's run by the members for the members. Cheapest calls, texts and data packages in the UK. Excellent coverage via O2. Highly recommended.
Tracey Westwood  | 05/12/16  04:57:42 | Store rating :
I think GiffGaff are brilliant considering how new they are compared to the other major operator's out there ! Prices are so competitive against the others too. I love the 'bundles' they have for whatever the customer prefers whether it is more data or calls or both even. I like the idea of the community they have where you can get help. Help ? Customer services? That is the only fault I have with GiffGaff. I'm no guru & have a few technical issues with my phone or Internet etc & need immediate help. Not from an online community but from GiffGaff. I also had problem with using internet without WiFi. Rarely connected to anything outside. Still has my backing as still in 'teething years'
Kanwal Bibi  | 28/11/16  16:21:14 | Store rating :
I have been with giffgaff for over 2 years and i must say i am always satisfied with my top ups, tarifs, goodybags and customer service help and support. They are very helpful and meet my needs everytime. I would recommend giffgaff to anyone who is thinking to join them you wont regret it.
Stephen Methuen  | 25/11/16  21:19:15 | Store rating :
A great network to be part off. Great value deals in the firm if Goody bags starting at £5. Excellent products.
Mark Chandler  | 20/11/16  03:32:14 | Store rating :
Best value mobile network in the UK by far. Fun to be with, great coverage and by far the cheapest. Highly recommended.
Natalia Brejdak  | 12/11/16  10:12:24 | Store rating :
Really good Mobile network top ups are definitely worth the money
Rujina Begum  | 02/11/16  13:07:00 | Store rating :
Giffgaff is an amazing phone line which offers you to tailor make your own minutes text messages and how much data you want. It's perfect for people wanting things in their own terms and conditions. Giffgaff offers great service and are one of the brands that will be in the up. So don't wait around get your gift gaff SIM card it's the best
Carris Brown  | 10/10/16  11:10:29 | Store rating :
Fantastic network and great monthly offers. Been with giffgaff 4years and will never change!
Joanne Mills  | 21/09/16  11:35:49 | Store rating :
Excellent network coverage, I think they go under the umbrella of O2. So have access to o2 wifi when out and about! They also have Very competitive call and message rates. A huge selection of tariff's on pay monthly sim and pay and go so there's something for everyone's budget! Great data bundles also!! .
Karen Shepherd  | 09/09/16  00:03:56 | Store rating :
very good network good value for money
Sarah Andrews  | 30/08/16  16:31:07 | Store rating :
I found that giff gaff gives wmt good deals on pay as you go I recommend every one should be with them

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