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Hotels.com Reviews

Op dez pagina vind je shopinformatie en beoordelingen over Hotels.com

Booking Holidays with cashback at Hotels.com

Hotels.com is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide. Offering reservation services through their own network of localised websites, Hotels.com can find an accomodation for all requirements. The website is available in 18 languages and offers over 240,000 hotels worldwide. From independent and major chain hotels, to self-catering and B&Bs in more than 16,000 destinations, Hotels.com has the hotel for you.

Hotels.com Reviews

Donald Davies  | 26/11/21  06:08:01 | Store rating :
This web store booking center has excellent offers for accommodation with competitive prices and a wide variety in its offer. Meets the expectations of the customer. Very good promotion and advertising
Martin Barrow  | 23/08/21  19:46:17 | Store rating :
Hotels.com has a great selection of hotels and private accommodation ( via Vrbro) and are often the cheapest provider of hotel accommodation. They also have a great rewards program which I have used for a number of years.
Thomas Campbell  | 19/08/21  06:49:10 | Store rating :
I love this loyalty program booking center. As a traveler, and frequent user of this website reserve hotels worldwide, it`s always interesting to have some advantage associated with the use of its services.
Martin Bringnall  | 16/08/21  06:58:47 | Store rating :
A good place to find room in many ,, many hotels in many parts of the world. Very good price offers on many occasions, easy to book and guarantees highly recommended ...... In short, highly recommended, amazing service interesting price
Diana Jhonson  | 02/08/21  07:06:29 | Store rating :
Its a good company, I have tried a couple of times, are very serious, prices are cheap and the hotline works great, and if you have any problems or questions you solve it right away.. In short, highly recommended, amazing service interesting price
Chloe Chester  | 01/08/21  09:10:57 | Store rating :
I used several times this central reservations to book hotel nights. This booking portal offers great deals and offers a very attractive loyalty program for frequent travelers, I used it without any problem.
ALBERT MARTI  | 12/07/21  07:14:37 | Store rating :
This booking center offers very good deals and prices room facilities of national and international hotels They have a Customer loyalty encourages us to choose for its service always I need to book a room.
Ma. Br.  | 01/07/21  06:58:46 | Store rating :
It is a real treat, book through this central reservation. Page easy to use and a simple and reliable process during recruitment. You have a loyalty program with which you get free nights.. In short, highly recommended, amazing service interesting price
Jarri Pottas  | 25/06/21  06:59:21 | Store rating :
This accommodation booking platform, I quite like. It has a variety of categories, types and locations. It has a very interesting program Customer loyalty if you book frequently (give away one night for every ten reserves).
Eduard Kingston  | 25/06/21  06:59:58 | Store rating :
this chain is fine as is competitively priced and if you accumulate 10 nights they give you one with which it encourages to book with them and to truly enjoy the advantages offered hoteles.com. In short, highly recommended, amazing service interesting price
Alice Aubry  | 22/06/21  07:22:16 | Store rating :
this web store is fine as is competitively priced and they get a fidelity programm with which it encourages to book with them and to truly enjoy all the advantages offered by hotels.com. It is a very good option.
Jean Smith  | 16/06/21  08:38:38 | Store rating :
Nowadays I´m planning my holidays, so it is fantastic to use this reservation center, where you can compare all kind of accommodations types and prices, most of them cancel free, The app is simple search system and a secure process
Stuart Robertson  | 15/06/21  06:58:59 | Store rating :
Excellent service. Zero problems, all perfect both when looking for accommodation and at the reserved hotel. They soon find nothing in reserve and assign us the room. When making the checkout solved in a minute
Magdalena Przybielska  | 04/10/20  03:56:45 | Store rating :
Hotels.com is a good app if you’re looking for a hotel abroad for holidays last minute. I always look there before committing to anything due to it’s low prices
Jarri Pottas  | 11/09/20  10:08:02 | Store rating :
It is an excellent central reservation for hotel nights. Their prices are very competitive and with a wide variety in their offer. They have a loyalty system, offering free nights that is very interesting.
Kamaljit Kaur  | 05/04/20  15:40:16 | Store rating :
Great website tobook hotels.one can book hotels at reasonable rate.I personally recommend as it offer great deals specially for holidays and business tour service.previously booked hotel through this website
Karolina Lind  | 17/03/20  12:14:29 | Store rating :
Very userfriendly website that's easy to search. All of the filters are well thought out and useful. I would like to see more budget options but the process of finding and booking a great place is super easy and safe
Anna Harrison  | 09/03/20  07:08:35 | Store rating :
Worth comparing prices as many other sites seem to have slgihtly better prices. However the good thing about this site if the rewards system whereby you get a free night's stay after ten paid stays.
Nico Bassett  | 29/10/15  14:55:37 | Store rating :
hotels.com is one of the best online booking services for hotels they have a wide range of hotels to suit the needs and costs of their customers they also have the ratings and reviews of hotels which is crucial to the customer
Sylwia Elsodany  | 02/12/19  09:07:53 | Store rating :
This is the website where we mostly book hotels for our short holiday. We can find thete plenty of deals for hotels, resorts, apartments, city homes, country retreats, holiday homes etc. If stay 10 nights in the hotel booked with Hotels.com and I can have next night free. Website offers plenty of destinations within a country or abroad; top countries and regions to stay with description of the best objects to see. I truly recommend the website to book your dream holidays. I love reward night
Adam Wood  | 11/05/19  13:24:42 | Store rating :
Excellent experience would highly recommend brilliant website easy to use never used anyone else and never would best service about bye far have used other companies before but can find one complaint with them
Lisa Foster  | 25/02/19  21:40:25 | Store rating :
I am so pleased with this services I would like to say a big thank you for the help of looking for family holiday that was suitable for kids . I got a family holiday for excellent price that they recommend me and I would recommend this to family and friends.
Louise Nawaz  | 25/08/18  18:53:40 | Store rating :
great place to book a last minute get away or a room someone for the night. rooms are really food quality and kept really clean. staff are always willing to help suit needs you can pay a little extra for breakfast which is really worth the money. I would recommend to all my friends and family .
Claire Simpson  | 17/07/18  13:25:31 | Store rating :
great site for booking hotels gives you lots of choice. The site is also very easy to work and gives you the option to filter your results to make it more easy to find what you are looking for. I've booked though this site many of times and never had a problem.
Siu Lau  | 05/02/18  01:17:13 | Store rating :
An excellent site for booking hotel accommodation with great bargains! You can get one free night of hotel with booking ten nights of hotel in total! You can get your cashback at the same time of getting your free hotel offer! Worth trying!
Rujina Begum  | 26/05/17  11:06:14 | Store rating :
Hotels.com is one of the easiest place to book your hotels from. I have booked here plenty of times and it has always been a quick and easy process. The prices for hotels are cheap and good quality Ines . I have recommended hotels. Com my friends and family due to their amazing deals
Lesley Wright  | 14/05/17  00:11:03 | Store rating :
A great way to compare multiple hotels all in one place and find the best deal and hotel. fantastic savings to be had from using this website for locations all over the world. a must website to check before booking any hotel stay.
Chris Edwards  | 13/04/17  07:40:12 | Store rating :
Can't say much good about them. The one time we used them, they messed up our booking and the hotel we were staying at were kind enough to accommodate us but then hotels.com were belligerent on the phone, wouldn't accept blame and in addition to that they wouldn't offer a full refund, just a £50 voucher code which can only be used with them. Appalling
Vicky Bullock  | 27/10/16  11:00:30 | Store rating :
Always happy to help if something goes wrong with a booking and the added bonus is building up free nights which I think is amazing
Carol Hodgson  | 19/07/16  12:47:21 | Store rating :
I use this site most of the time it is very easy to navigate and there is plenty of deals to be had whether in UK or further afield I have used it several r=time to book one night stays here in the uk
Cloe atkinson  | 06/01/16  15:38:51 | Store rating :
i stayed at this hotel and i'm very glad to say that it is one of the best hotels i've stayed in over the past 3 years. my holiday was even more enjoyable as this hotel helped me enjoy my time, the members of staff are very welcoming and extremely polite, i love it :)
Matthew Mcluckie  | 21/12/15  22:49:14 | Store rating :
They offer good rates and there is an excellent choice of places to stay worldwide. Mostly, but not limited to hotels. There is a range of hostels and self catering apartments on offer. The process of booking is fast.
Banasri Saha  | 18/12/15  05:35:02 | Store rating :
Very good site for your dream destination on your travel way.its cheap and attractive also an you can book at any time even last day also.I mean the can understand you and your world and that s the reason it gives you your exact thinking.

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