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HP Store Reviews

Op dez pagina vind je shopinformatie en beoordelingen over HP Store

HP is a leading technology solutions provider with discount to consumers, business and institutions

Delivering IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing for consumers, enterprises and small and medium businesses. HP offers the broadest range of IT products and services to consumers and business customers, from servers and computers to printers and digital cameras.

HP Store Reviews

Adela O'brien  | 22/04/17  18:05:49 | Store rating :
It's teccie stuff, and let's face it, printers are hardly the most exciting of subjects and i still think that. However HP store made me realise there is more to it and the site helped me navigate the choices to ensure i bought the right one.
Barry Norman  | 07/04/17  20:28:00 | Store rating :
Some say HP stands for Higher Purchase but not me I say it stands for Helpful People. Why do I say this? Well because every time I visit an HP store I am treated the way that makes me feel important. Therefore I will always purchase HP products where and when I can.
Cheryl Turnbow  | 20/03/17  16:01:27 | Store rating :
HP being one of the leading computer groups, they offer many ways for help if in need and many technical guides to repair yourself if needed. Their products are always state of the art and are good wearing for length of life with little or few issues.
Laurence Cohen  | 01/03/17  15:39:01 | Store rating :
The website layout is good and easy to find all the information you need about the products. Large range of computer products for all types of requirements and for all price ranges. The product details, images and reviews are very helpful. Offers are nice too.
David Thomas  | 22/02/17  19:17:25 | Store rating :
I purchased an HP Pavillion laptop from the HP store and it arrived when it is said it would. The laptop is very good, easy to use and serves it purpose well with a good amount of RAM and memory for my needs.
Pavlina Kostoadinova  | 21/01/17  10:28:19 | Store rating :
Amazing service. Easy to browse. Once i found what i wanted I have been given more options additional products as well. Very easy Payment process. Order was tracked, I was able to check where it is at any time. Overall a Great Experience!
James cole  | 05/12/16  11:13:37 | Store rating :
recently brought a new printer from the hp store. it was competitively priced and delivered very quickly i have also been buying my printer ink directly from the hp store for some time and have never had a problem
Annmarie Coyle  | 20/11/16  17:04:29 | Store rating :
Visited the online store great layout easy to find what I was looking for would recommend online store plenty pictures and discription necessary info if needed further infor each step was clear and precise
Emenaka Justice  | 09/11/16  03:50:00 | Store rating :
Requested refund for a faulty product & was told a courier would pick the item in 2 days & i would get my refund in 7 days..YES 7 days. Courier never turned up so I rang HP & requested a label to drop of this time. There was know respond after 2 weeks.
Raja Raja  | 18/10/16  15:14:04 | Store rating :
good reliable laptops and good customer service in store and call. Top end laptops are bit costly still worthy recommended for general as well as business purpose. have bought hp 2 in 1 tablet from store.
Rujina Begum  | 05/10/16  00:37:59 | Store rating :
HP store is an amazing place that offers brilliant deals and good offers. I have purchased from them and they have never let me down, it is the place to shop so don't look elsewhere you will get everything you need here.
Terence Clothier  | 19/09/16  18:29:21 | Store rating :
A good clear website that is easy to navigate. Has an excellent range of desktops, laptops, printers cartridges etc., but not the cheapest. Their hardware is good quality and the site does have limited time, "Deals of the Day" which can be bargains.
Hassan Ismail  | 19/09/16  05:38:54 | Store rating :
I had entered the store in hope of finding a new laptop. The store was large but immediately upon asking i was directed in the correct direction and even escorted to the correct area. Here I was shown another member of staff who was both helpful and informative. I recommend HP stores.
Danny Cook  | 18/08/16  20:13:54 | Store rating :
Michael Simpson  | 19/08/16  11:14:39 | Store rating :
Absolute brilliance hp has made me a happy customer through there easy to navigate website the customer service is brilliant kind and helpfull hp has top quality items at a good price a reasonable price at that thankyou
Kiran Kurani  | 23/08/16  12:11:21 | Store rating :
HP has excellent products available with proper prices. They provide very good after sale service. Product quality is appreciated. Most of my office Laptops and accessories are from Hp. I highly recommend it to buy.
Paula Benson  | 03/08/16  13:01:20 | Store rating :
I have recently purchased printer inks for both mine and my daughter's printers, always purchase my printing paper her too, great value, great products and great customer service always, I won't use anywhere else
Davin Shaji  | 30/07/16  16:58:01 | Store rating :
i bought an hp pavilion notebook last month and its performance right now is amazing, with 4 GB ddr3 ram 640 GB HDD. Its lightinng fast even while doing heavy loaded tasks. HP is quite a trustworthy and amazing brand that i am 100 percent satisfied with all the products of HP till this moment
Andrea Jones  | 11/07/16  22:23:40 | Store rating :
Jan 2016 a HP Office Jet Pro 6830 Print, Fax,San, Copy and Web.Photo Printing is of great quality too.A good buy for the price.Would definitely recommend to anyone as HP is a well known make and I even buy genuine cartridges too.
Daniella Smithers  | 12/07/16  09:47:13 | Store rating :
HP were very helpful when i bought my HP Laptop. Kind and also very knowledgeable. They gave me all the offers for HP in different stores and websites, which i thought was very useful. These included local stores.
Don Sunil  | 18/06/16  07:18:09 | Store rating :
Wow.....hp is such a wonderfull company!!! It had got such a wonderfull reputation for a its products... Even my laptop , mobile phone , all are hp products.. I lovve it. PLz...focus in new products.
Jan Jeffery  | 02/06/16  11:16:10 | Store rating :
Fantastic products. Can't beat HP for quality printers. Staff are really helpful and always answer my queries. I have been buying HP Printers since I was in my twenties and wouldn't look to get anything else
Lay Teh  | 20/05/16  01:19:39 | Store rating :
Got a HP convertible laptop from HP store recently. Staff there were really helpful and helped me find the perfect laptop for me! Generally had a good experience. Really recommend getting a HP laptop.
Bobo Zander  | 17/05/16  07:34:29 | Store rating :
Delivery was excellent, after initial order placed I could change the day of delivery. Previously I phoned HP Store and was told I could not do that. Only "surprise" has been McAfee. I did not expect a subscription which expired ~4 weeks after purchase
 | 10/05/16  14:58:44 | Store rating :
They sell top of the line printers in my view, you can never go wrong with an HP
Julian Travis  | 05/05/16  09:12:53 | Store rating :
I recently bought a printer and signed up to the HP ink delivery service. I shall never run out of ink as the printer tells them when I am running low. The cost is competitive and I love it. One day all printers will accommodate this service but HP were there first.
Monsuoor Khan  | 02/05/16  00:15:22 | Store rating :
Whether you want a laptop, desktop, tablet, monitor, printer or relevant accessories HP store is the place to visit. Everything under one roof at very competitive prices. Quality that you will be pleased with
Anna Strzelecka  | 03/04/16  18:16:37 | Store rating :
I have bought a HP tablet five years ago and is still working well, very good quality especially that little girl is using it with no problems, I am very impressed. Also I bought a laptop for my daughter and is working very well. Good products, thank you.
Kamila Stanna  | 12/03/16  21:00:21 | Store rating :
ok... good... amazing... nice to shop... excelllent seller..a wonderful shop, full of amazingly helpful staff. Love the range on offer and always has high end brands. There is knowhere else I would go for my fasion fix. Best shop in town.
Oliver Gerlach  | 26/02/16  16:12:59 | Store rating :
not entirely satisfied with all my HP products, but they're good value for the (low) price. Survivability is limited and the fans tend to be poor quality, but at half the price of most other brands it has to be worth it, I think.

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