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Just Eat Reviews

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Tuck into a takeaway today with Just Eat

Just Eat is the marketplace for online food delivery and provides customers with an easy and secure way to order and pay for food from restaurant partners. Just Eat has more than 100 cuisine types and 240K+ restaurant partners. Discover the wide range of Just Eat and order food online with cashback!

Just Eat Reviews

Patricia Austin  | 20/05/20  21:11:52 | Store rating :
Ilona Vainoriute  | 18/05/20  12:08:44 | Store rating :
It's one of my favourite meals .ewerything is wery delicious and perfectly. I'm choose this eat with my all family.realy recommended to all peoples who like eat tasty and fast.
Rebecca Kirton  | 17/05/20  22:26:39 | Store rating :
Ordered food came within half hour pleasant delivery lad pizza is really nice and still hot enough I can’t just scran it lol onion rings are a little over done but taste alright so all in all I’ll be ordering from il gusto again decent thanks
Julie Metcalfe  | 15/05/20  03:40:41 | Store rating :
Just Eat was a reveloutony movement in the home delivery, take away industry. No more searching for menus or seeing if they have one online, everything you need is at your fingertips. The app is easy to use and provides an array of various cuisines.
Tony Mckay  | 12/05/20  11:18:07 | Store rating :
I kept hearing about just eat and seeing ads online or when commuting as well as notices in shops however never went online to see more until the lockdown. It is a great site for takeaways...massive selection of food types and brands at a great price, plus loads of helpful reviews.
sean Kearney  | 12/05/20  13:40:38 | Store rating :
Just eat right now has been a god send , it provide lots of options on evening when no one can be bothered cooking , normal stick to a few outlets as it works for us as family , from fish n chip , to currys , and spicy food
Holly Miles  | 03/05/20  16:42:48 | Store rating :
I love Just Eat. It's so easy to use and the selection in my area is fantastic - most recently adding KFC! One of my favourite features is the little interactive map, so you can see where your order is after it's been given to the driver.
Charl Smith  | 02/05/20  12:01:46 | Store rating :
Absolutely Love the Food, always an amazing service from friendly polite delivery drivers, warm, enjoyable, tasty treats for all the family or a friends feast!! Never had any issues .. better than any deliever service i have used before
Caroline McLeish-Dawson  | 30/04/20  18:04:42 | Store rating :
A brilliant application, to be able to visit so many take aways in one given area and to choose whatever choice of menu we liked. So easy to locate and use the website, easily navigate around to find the take away we would like to order from.
Emma L  | 27/04/20  07:51:47 | Store rating :
Really helpful app, as wasn’t sure what takeaways were still open near me. Put my order in the basket though and by the time I went to check out the restaurant had stopped taking orders (it was only 6pm!) which was really frustrating.
Monsuoor Khan  | 26/04/20  21:14:30 | Store rating :
If you want good quality service and food delivered to your doorstep at the press of a button then try out Just Eat. Lots of choices and places to choose from and in the current Covid climate it’s the best option
Sneha Prakash  | 24/04/20  16:24:30 | Store rating :
They have good delivery times but you will get 5 stars if you add mcc Donalds when covid 19 is over On time delivery and more options available Used 3 times so far, first time received wrong order, second time all ok, third time estimated delivery time
Richard Ward  | 23/04/20  16:49:02 | Store rating :
Great app. Provides a good service And most of the restaurants near me are great. I say most as there is always 1 or 2 that lets the side down so to speak. Delivery time is always spot on or early. Fab.
Samantha Brown  | 17/04/20  22:55:36 | Store rating :
Just eat is really good it has lots of places to choose from. your food doesn't take long and they keep in touch telling when it's on it way and when it's been delivered.the delivery guys are also very friendly.
Angie Taylor  | 18/04/20  15:26:08 | Store rating :
I rate Argos all stars very good customer service, fast delivery service with pleasant drivers. I had an issue with one of my items which needed to be returned no problems at all, they gave me my refund and asked me would I be able to dispose of it myself, it was still resale able.
Cammy Fairbairn  | 16/04/20  09:09:18 | Store rating :
really good customer service, plenty of choice when looking online for a local takeaway that delivers and at a reasonable cost, used this service loads, would highly recommend just eat to anyone not sure .
Elena Hendi  | 16/04/20  11:08:20 | Store rating :
In this Coronavirus times, the online orders as quick and the food well prepared and that must be appreciated because as other essential jobs and this work is exposed to virus. But, the team of Just Eat, are take it that risk to take care for nation wellness. thank you!
Julieta Moyano  | 15/04/20  10:51:20 | Store rating :
Excellent service, more in this time of need. The website is easy to use and the staff is always there if yo need to communicate with them. I've had an issue with an order, it wasn't what I wanted it and Just eat, after checking the situation refund me the total.
Rich Fisher  | 14/04/20  15:20:53 | Store rating :
Always use just eat as a first port of call when ordering food online. Reviews and prices are always up to date when i use them, and i can not fault delivery times and quality of food. Will continue to use just eat as i have no need to use other sites!
Steven Kearns  | 09/04/20  10:29:13 | Store rating :
I regularly order from just eat there is a shop near my house there food is very good and they have a big variety to choose from there customer service is great I recommend just eat to all my friends and family great food
Della Mabbutt  | 09/04/20  07:36:57 | Store rating :
Use this site every Saturday night
Jong King  | 06/04/20  10:02:42 | Store rating :
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU Just Eat for the lovely 25% discount for NHS staff! As a Nurse currently working the frontline on Covid-19, it is very much appreciated and currently the highlight of my Friday night.
Miss Benson  | 03/04/20  00:08:02 | Store rating :
I've ordered f5om just eat a good few times, there is plenty of restaurants and chipshops in my area to choose from, all delivered free if I order a certain amount, delivery is fast, customer service is good and the meals are tasty and really good prices
Sara Goodwin  | 30/03/20  19:38:06 | Store rating :
So easy to use this site , they have a wide variety of stores and appreciate the updates which tells you when it’s left the restaurant and roughly when expect your food . Only ever had one issue with them and it was resolved within a very timely manner and good customer service .
Edyta Glaspan  | 28/03/20  23:12:23 | Store rating :
Just eat has been recommended to me by my younger sister as she is single and uses it regularly. I usually cook homemade meals from scratch but sometimes I like to trat myself with home delivered food. Very happy with the app and service too. convenient and reliable service. highly recommended.
Lubna Shah  | 23/03/20  17:49:21 | Store rating :
Very good experience with just eat service also choice of varieties of different country foods and some of them very low price delivery cost Just eat customer service is very good and with in time delivery we will continue ti use this service.
Anna Harrison  | 23/03/20  09:11:55 | Store rating :
This company provides a really good and reliable service with a great variety of different meal types available to order. Staying in the new going out so well worth giving them a try as soon as you can!
Sylwia Achionye  | 22/03/20  18:31:40 | Store rating :
Geat pleace. High standard food & customer Service. The dish was freshly made with the best Quality ingredients and it was wery tasty. We will come back to you for sure in a future. Hope to see you soon!
Ellie Williams  | 19/03/20  15:13:49 | Store rating :
Always use just eat to order food for takeaway, reviews and ratings are usually correct really good. Used just eat in many different areas of the UK and it has always been good. I really like how the categories are split up- I can choose the restaurants based on what type of food I want that night
Michal XYZ  | 15/03/20  11:10:25 | Store rating :
I would recommend. Fast, efficient and trouble-free. Rich offer. It's worth using if we don't have time or an idea for a meal. I recommend it with a clear conscience. Satisfaction guarantee. Eating straight home is what I like.
Kimberley Grant  | 15/03/20  09:32:46 | Store rating :
Love ordering from my local takeaway through just eat its so easier and i can do it all online. If theres any problems with your order they are fast to respond and you can also ring to amend orders if needed

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