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Second hand stuff on discount at Preloved UK

Sell your lightly used, refurnished, and unique items on Preloved. With the motto ''Second hand is not second best'', Preloved UK allows members to sell stuff for free online. When buying for your home, your yard, or a gift for a friend, you will find something unique and one of a kind. Preloved is safe and secure, and offers customers great opporunities to find their new items.

Preloved Reviews

Stevie-Lauren Hanley  | 04/09/21  04:31:20 | Store rating :
Average really a lot of items are overly priced for what they are can probably get them new cheaper. Not something i would consider using again any time soon. Easy to navigate and lots of catagories to choose from
John Holt  | 02/09/21  09:41:40 | Store rating :
Purchased lots of items and everyone has been exactly as described. The items are usually brand new unwanted gifts, so you get them at basement prices .If you want a bargain this is the best site for you to find it
Elena T  | 10/07/21  19:59:16 | Store rating :
The name says everything: Preloved. You can buy preloved things, but sometimes you can be lucky enough to find new items as well. Everything runned smoothly when I got something from them. I enjoyed it.
Terence Clothier  | 27/06/21  08:51:07 | Store rating :
I have only recently found this site and it is great, easy to navigate and there is an amazing range of items that are constantly changing. I bought a nearly new shirt at a great price that was posted very promptly.
Jean Smith  | 31/03/21  07:36:37 | Store rating :
I had to contact Pre Loved as I made an extra payment ,in error, for my annual subscription. No problem at all, in a couple of day everything was solve and my money back. Great service and excellent customer service support
Jong King  | 23/03/21  09:13:03 | Store rating :
I have used pre loved for a number of years and have always been very satisfied with the service they offer. The service I received was superb ,Phoebe was an absolute star and went above and beyond to help me. Thank you
MATILDE Briega  | 11/03/21  08:17:05 | Store rating :
Initially I sent an e mail and had no response so I resent the message a week later . This was responded to very quickly and the matter was dealt with by Phoebe who also arranged for the refund to be credited to my credit card within the week.
Karen Maguire  | 07/02/21  11:37:08 | Store rating :
Preloved webstore i absolutely love and all my family I have introduced them to Preloved too , it's great and there's so much variety and knowing that is great for the environment the cost is fantastic love love love favourite store right now
Stuart Robertson  | 09/01/21  11:38:16 | Store rating :
I have been a member and used the Preloved website for many years now to sell and buy items. I have always found it easy to list items and I find that adding lots of photographs, helps buyers as they can see the items and have confidence through knowing it’s condition.
Rachel Roberts  | 10/01/21  00:50:45 | Store rating :
I found this site brilliant!! So easy to use. Also they keep you up to date with all the latest ads being uploaded! Still haven't found what I am looking for but still it has been more than helpful for me so that it gave me more detail to what I at some point lead me to my chosen one!
Thomas Wyatt  | 04/01/21  07:08:49 | Store rating :
Preloved is a great site I have been with for a few years and highly recommend to all. I have never had a problem Buying or selling an item and always find the staff friendly and helpful Holly & Phoebe have gone out of their way to help me with my new pass word problem Thank you .
Monsuoor Khan  | 27/12/20  13:57:28 | Store rating :
If you are looking at selling or buying second hand products then visit Preloved for a huge variety of bargains and offers. They more or less have something that is suitable for everyone at great prices.
Jarri Pottas  | 25/12/20  05:03:57 | Store rating :
I unfortunately was locked out of my account due to not being able to access the email I had registered with and forgetting my password. A staff member named Tommy helped me get back in within less than a day and was so helpful. So very pleased as I didn’t think I’d ever get back into my account.
Diana Jhonson  | 27/12/20  06:09:58 | Store rating :
I was unable to edit my personal details as your system told me I was using the wrong password. I wasn´t so I contacted the help desk. I received an instant reply with a couple of follow up e-mails from Phoebe and Holly who between them resolved my issue. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
Steve Job  | 21/12/20  07:33:52 | Store rating :
I had trouble loading photos on to my advert, nothing I tried worked. I contacted Preloved help by email and several suggestions were made. Eventually I had to concede defeat and the very helpful Phoebe suggested I send my photos to her and she would put them on my advert.
Tor Thomson  | 30/11/20  09:37:25 | Store rating :
Preloved help set up our charity account really swiftly and easily. Really quick and helpful replies to emails. Five star friendly efficient service. Easy to contact and great response time. A member for ten years. Fantastic
Roy Batty  | 28/11/20  07:05:44 | Store rating :
I have always regarded preloved as an amazing website as I have always managed to get someone to loan my horse very quickly and easily, however this has just reaffirmed how amazing it really is. God job
Helen Curran  | 26/11/20  17:33:48 | Store rating :
Love this site, always loads of great bargains to be had, they even have a freeloved section for peole gifting things for free, What is not to like about that. I would strongly recommend this site to any one and everyone1
Erik Jantet  | 25/11/20  07:07:50 | Store rating :
Preloved buying experience went very well. Then when problem discovered Preloved gave vital help to get it resolved satisfactorily. I´m particularly thankful to customer service people for their help. Issue solved and happy client. Great Job. Thank you.
Adrian Westbury  | 29/04/20  09:55:20 | Store rating :
This is a great place to advertise as the process of placing an advert is quick and straight forwards to do. We have used there site many times without any problems. People are also able to report other sellers if it is noticed that they are miss using the site with false or suspicious adverts.

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