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SportsDirect.com Reviews

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Sporting Goods with discount at SportsDirect.com

SportsDirect.com has now grown to become not only the UK’s largest sports retailer, but the UK’s number one sports retailer. They give you access to a huge range of quality sports clothing and equipment, which can be delivered to your door from their online catalogue.

SportsDirect.com Reviews

Kevin Kayes  | 21/02/20  12:06:46 | Store rating :
Ive shopped at sports direct for a few years now and i just keep going back. They always have great deals on. I got £150 worth of goods (tops shorts etc.) and i matched my goods to what it would cost from other sports shops and i saved£45.if thats not a reason to shop at sports direct. What is? You can see their shops arent real fancy. Thats because(i beleive) they pass the savings on to the customer. Shop at sports direct youll be pleasantly surprised.
Anna Harrison  | 17/02/20  16:20:44 | Store rating :
Sports Direct have some good special offers but do check out the total cost factoring in postage as it is sometimes as cheap to go to a local store and at least you can try stuff on then. Also check out the competition
Jonathan Adam  | 30/01/20  03:10:38 | Store rating :
Sports direct, best sports store out there bar none. Always has what I want in stock and at reasonable prices too. Even their offers are great. Definitely recommend. Worth every penny and the staff are fabulous.
Michal XYZ  | 13/01/20  18:07:25 | Store rating :
This is a great store! The store offers a large selection of products, attractive prices, fast shipping. It's worth visiting this store's website frequently, because it offers interesting promotions. Shopping in this store is a pleasure!
Karen brenda Woolley  | 03/01/20  22:20:43 | Store rating :
I have bought many items of clothing from sportsdirect.com. it is a great place to get tracksuits my boys love the clothing from there! great affordable prices. with so much choice and is really true to size, in all that i have bought from them. clothing for all and age.
Paula Benson  | 17/12/19  23:46:44 | Store rating :
I have shopped at sports direct a few times for tracksuits and trainers for my grandson. The clothing is quite good quality and the prices are really good and affordable on my budget. There is lots of items for children and adults, customer service is good and delivery quite quick
Karen Maguire  | 18/12/19  01:35:15 | Store rating :
I absolutely love sport's direct webstore ,I can get my grandson, my husband all my family and friends the best fashion at a fraction of the price,always best styles, delivery on time, THEY'RE THE ONE STOP SHOP
Nicola Ankers  | 16/12/19  16:21:28 | Store rating :
Sports Direct are a very good site with such good deals and value for money. They sell lots of well known brands at affordable prices. It is a brand I use quite a lot as you always get quality goods.
Andrew Turner  | 04/12/19  12:08:27 | Store rating :
I think sports direct is a good store they have a lot of quality products at really good prices. I find the staff very friendly and very helpful and the store is very clean. I recommend them to all my friends and relatives
Steven Kearns  | 19/11/19  15:47:42 | Store rating :
sports direct is one of the best sports shops about there prises are fare and they have a wide range of sports products I regularly shop there for my sport ware I recently bought a new pair UV trainers Nike very happy with my purchase I recommend this store to all my friends and family
Vikki Slade  | 04/02/19  10:24:14 | Store rating :
Dreadful customer service with demotivated staff. Go there because it is affordable but would not choose it from choice. I think the charge for click and collect to be refunded with a voucher is a con
Zahid Khan  | 31/01/19  10:52:07 | Store rating :
This shop caters for all the family at really reasonable prices they stock clothes and footwear from cheap flip flops to name brand trainers and sportswear.The sales staff are helpful inside the store and the website is easy to use
michelle fisher  | 09/01/19  19:26:13 | Store rating :
typical sports shop that has different sections for all sports, always has a very large trainer section also with a large clothes part, usually members of staff around to ask advice from,there is usualy a section that has a sale on
Angie Keeling  | 29/07/18  23:27:39 | Store rating :
I absolutely love Sports direct.com. I have shopped online for Myself, my partner & my son for trainers mainly but they have a wide range of sports wear at what I think is very good value & delivery was sugar. I would definitely recommend to all. 5 *****
Georgiana Parfeni  | 18/06/18  20:21:54 | Store rating :
Sport Direct is a good shop and the staff there is friendly i bought from them every time I need sneakers, clothes and sport gear the products there are cheap and good quality i will recommend to all my friends.
Siobhan Dooley  | 19/06/18  08:41:03 | Store rating :
Ideal store for buying discounted clothing, always have a sale on, Ive bought some amazing bargains my latest being a firetrap leather jacket originally priced at £100 I got it for £35...bargain!! Why not give them a try. Easy returns too.
Elaine Ellis  | 02/06/18  06:30:17 | Store rating :
Sports direct is a great sport shop the prices are low for the good brand names which are more expensive in other shops it has everything you could possibly need to buy for your family .The staff are very helpful and are store location is local sports direct is the one.
Amal Khattab  | 10/04/18  10:00:28 | Store rating :
My favourite sports shop for the whole family from daily sports clothes to holiday equipment and swimwear. I also buy the children shoes from here as the quality is exceptional. The branches I used to do shopping at have an excellent costumer service as well.
Andrew Sperinck  | 03/04/18  14:46:49 | Store rating :
Very good customer services very good choice in clothes and shoes and training equipment for all events more value for money great selection of everything you want for sports great support from all the staff and people help you to find the internet is very easy to get through and you can search to find what you what to find
Stuart Davidson  | 15/03/18  18:49:58 | Store rating :
Good company however lack of range of trainers a let down. Competitors have a larger selection. One good point though is the price of most things in the store. I find the jogging bottoms a tad pricey.
Lucy Peck  | 19/02/18  20:05:22 | Store rating :
Great to know that I can get cashback from LadyCashBack for all of my sporting needs from sports equipment to workout gear: clothing and trainers. The staff are very nice and helpful plus they’re always on sale which is an added bonus.
Louise Nawaz  | 21/01/18  09:21:45 | Store rating :
great shop to shop prices are loads better than alot of other sports shops and vert good value for money. staff are really helpful and friendly. I would recommend this store to all my friends and family great bargains really recommend!
Sophie O’hanlon  | 19/12/17  09:47:16 | Store rating :
I love sports direct, great brands at great prices, I always find a great deal and come away happy. Great for both men, women and children’s sports clothes and shoes! I recommend this store to anyone, plus they often have great sales on.
Muhammad Seedat  | 14/12/17  16:56:13 | Store rating :
A store that has all types of cloths whether it's for a rainy day or a summer day. You'll find all your clothing needs in SportsDirect. Also it's a great store for saving your money. Be sure to check it out when you go shopping!
Mandi Neal  | 21/11/17  13:51:26 | Store rating :
I've been shopping online with sports direct for quite some time and have never had any problems with them what so ever they deliver when they say they will. The quality of the items is excellent and I will continue to keep using sports direct
Jo-anne Youson  | 03/11/17  13:30:00 | Store rating :
Excellent place to shop, good discounts on products, good shipping prices and excellent delivery services delivered on time, helpful delivery guys, just had my delivery very very happy with the products I've received.
Mandy Brown  | 13/06/17  04:52:41 | Store rating :
You can always find a bargain in store and online. Great value on kids clothes and trainers.
Paula Bryant  | 04/06/17  18:11:05 | Store rating :
great clear site it's a must have app any sport clothing or for your activity they have stylish comfortable clothing for all ages the lay out is clear easy to find wat you desire easy to order great unbelievable prices. great app.
Lesley Wright  | 21/05/17  09:36:44 | Store rating :
sports direct is a great store to get some great bargains. It's an ideal place for me to buy sports items and trainers for the children without having to pay extortionate prices. the website is easy to navigate so always a short process.
Nancy Ratcliff  | 22/03/17  10:31:21 | Store rating :
I love sports direct I find they have the latest sportswear at great prices. I bought a football kit the other week for my son and he doesn't want to take it off. From infant clothes to adults huge range.
Louise Loader  | 22/03/17  10:12:05 | Store rating :
Great app, easy to use and many good deals.. Delivery is quick, would recommend.
Anisha Allen  | 21/03/17  10:36:37 | Store rating :
Sport direct is awesome. I shop there for often. Value for money. This is where i buy stuff for my partner..
Lisa Davidson  | 13/03/17  09:04:10 | Store rating :
I shop regularly at sports direct, I found that they have a really big selection of clothes and footwear and this is for all, women, men and children, the price on everything is surprisingly cheap you get good quality clothing and footwear, for amazingly low prices.
Michael Crewe  | 06/03/17  15:47:39 | Store rating :
Huge range of sports and casual clothing and footwear. Excellent prices and always big discounts on RRP. Delivery is fast and the site is easy to use.
Rujina Begum  | 25/02/17  01:07:05 | Store rating :
This is one of my favourite sports shop ever. It has amazing prices and great deals and offers that no other shops can compete with. They have the biggest brands for the cheapest prices. Guys it's unmissable so don't forget to shop here if you want big brands for cheap.
Mark Chandler  | 14/01/17  19:30:30 | Store rating :
Best dedicated sportswear site around. Always massive choice of brands and styles. Always at excellent prices and with sales and flash sales there are fantastic bargains available. Delivery is fast and reliable usually within a couple of days. Definitely worth a visit.
Vicky Bullock  | 01/01/17  16:46:58 | Store rating :
Perfect shop for cheaper sports wear.
Brenda Matthews  | 12/11/16  22:22:11 | Store rating :
Quick delivery great packing and as described. Never had to contact them as the order is as described and good quality.
Katherine Mcnamee  | 13/10/16  16:40:00 | Store rating :
Ordered an excercise bike from sports direct site.the site was really easy to use.i could find everything i needed and much more. I was informed of delivery via emails.The delivery was super quick and smooth.
Karen Cook  | 20/09/16  08:52:50 | Store rating :
very good shop & even better price's very afordable & friendly staff really willing to help there is something for all kind's of people for all age's & walk's of life & it do's not matter what size you are or age
katie caines  | 31/08/16  16:51:24 | Store rating :
Great store online and instore to buy cheaper branded sports wear and shoes. One of the first places I visit now if needing new sportswear or trainers. There only downfall is charging for store collection which other stores do not charge for this but overall good quality named sports wear.
Carrie Oneill  | 25/08/16  15:38:07 | Store rating :
sports direct is a great place for all sports clothes, I've recently bought my sons football kit and shin pads from there at an excellent price, I also shop here whenever anyone in my family need new trainers, because they have an amazing range! loads of different brands, in all sizes at reasonable price
michela hunter  | 19/05/16  23:57:57 | Store rating :
great customer service, very friendly staff and are very keen to help, i enjoy shopping at this store due to that fact and the store also has very good deals all year round which is perfect as im a single mum
Mari James  | 12/05/16  09:51:48 | Store rating :
love this store great bargains for adults and children would recommend to anyone they also have online shopping so you don't even have to go out you can just sit back and browse and place your order they also do pickup from store and you get a five pounds voucher to spend in store
Amber Rougvie  | 13/05/16  14:27:08 | Store rating :
I had a job interview with this company today and got offered the job on the spot, result!! they are an amazing company and did you know they also own usc, jd sports, lonzdale and many many more! they always have great savings.
Kerry Holden  | 09/05/16  12:00:32 | Store rating :
Sports Direct do offer very cheap sports clothing and accessories. However, I sometimes feel that the store feels like a jumble sale and the items can be either very dusty or very screwed up, which is a shame.
Anna Strzelecka  | 06/05/16  18:37:20 | Store rating :
I got really good deals on fragrance gift boxes at Christmas Time, very good prices and very good idea for presents for everybody :-) Everyone was very happy. Hopefully this year will be the same as I can not wait for the deal.
Samantha Stuart  | 04/05/16  12:48:18 | Store rating :
Never had any problems in sports direct, staff always helpful and polite, have ordered a few bits online and delivered promo, kids clothes are great, they wash good and they dont fade, would highly recommended shopping for good quality clothing and footwear
Ayshea Richards  | 03/05/16  10:03:03 | Store rating :
I ordered online and needed to return an item i was happy to get a full refund straight back to my bank account. I would more than likely order my items online. Im not sure if items can be delivered to your home but it would make shopping online much easier than click and collect.
Ian Davey  | 19/03/16  02:31:21 | Store rating :
As a fitness instructor I do a lot of running to keep fit I found that sports direct stock the running trainer's I use at the best price around I also buy all my children trainer's from sports direct when it comes to holiday season I buy my t shirts for beach
Aisha Nisar  | 17/04/16  12:40:30 | Store rating :
shopping is good at this store, everything that ive ordered has been of good quality and the staff are very helpful, also the online shopping is also good and the delivery is on time and the purchase is exactly as it looks on the website
Denise Mosley  | 20/03/16  10:38:45 | Store rating :
I shop with Sports Direct regularly both in store and on line and I cant fault them, on line shopping is delivered promptly, and very good value for money.I have never had to send anything back, and my order has always been complete.
Steven Cowley  | 21/04/16  08:59:14 | Store rating :
Some nice clothes and great prices with some pretty good quality items depending on budget. I bought a new hat and jumper and was delighted and the service was decent as well. I have presents to get soon and will be in for some deals. Always enjoy shopping here.
Iquo Nyong  | 22/04/16  06:09:57 | Store rating :
I usually shop online with Sports Direct and I like their collect in store service. They send you emails to explain the process and details needed for retrieval. It has always arrived when expected and has never been difficult to pick up.
Heather Osborne  | 02/03/16  17:26:48 | Store rating :
Good value store just the refund policy that lets it down,having only a credit note or exchange is not the best policy. Variety and price is excellent stores are generally well laid out and easy to navigate
Rachel Simmons  | 03/03/16  11:24:41 | Store rating :
Clothing is relatively cheap. Depending upon what you buy depends upon the quality of clothing. I always feel that it's like shopping in a jumble sale when I go to the one in Wolverhampton. Clothes and footwear are all over the place and the staff aren't very helpful.
Paul Ribera  | 03/03/16  16:16:47 | Store rating :
A great website which is handy when the local store doesn't have your size in stock. Lots of choice and good quality products. Highly recommend shoppers to give it a whirl. In fact Cotton Traders could learn a thing or two from these people.
Christine Godwin  | 03/03/16  22:34:28 | Store rating :
SportsDirect.com have lots of choice in clothing and footwear at affordable prices and.with good quality with easy access.all range of colours and sizes and.different. types of fabric from stretchy or baggy or figure hugging and footwear of all colours shapes and sizes
Anne Cain  | 13/03/16  13:11:04 | Store rating :
Great quick service and value for money all top brands at lower prices. Ideal for children and adults you can pick up at a place near by or pay postage to have your ord delivers to your door. There website is so easy to use I hardly ever visit the shop I always buy online so much more convenient
Nico Bassett  | 14/03/16  15:38:13 | Store rating :
sports direct is one of the leading stores in the uk they offer a very wide selection of footwear as well as clothing in many sizes colours and they stock some of the worlds best brands they sell a wide range of sporting accessories aswell
Debbie Baker  | 21/03/16  09:41:32 | Store rating :
Visited my local store. I found the store had far to many clothes on each rail so it was hard to take things off the rail. Also the rails went so high you had to strain your neck to look up to them. The range of trainers however was great. AND the staff were very helpful and very friendly
Paul Woodward  | 26/03/16  04:24:24 | Store rating :
Use sportsdirect.com often for all my family always great discounts on sportswear and sports equipment with a good variety throughout all departments and a good stock level.delivery is very sharp after submitting online orders,all round a good and easy way to grab a bargain or two.
David Perry  | 28/03/16  13:49:38 | Store rating :
went into sports direct . com, staff are very pleasant and very helpful, there is so much choice in every department, even manage to find things that you would be unable to buy anywhere else, spent a good hour and a half in the store.
Lisa Robinson  | 03/04/16  20:56:20 | Store rating :
You can get some really good quality trainers at reasonable prices for all members of the family id rather pay the prices here than double the cost else where. Childrens sports wear is good here too wether it be for school or out with friends.
Tracey Westwood  | 04/04/16  12:32:18 | Store rating :
Brilliant online store. Love browsing in store too. Very good quality clothing sportswear & sports gear. Prices are reasonable. Offers are great too. All good quality for the budding athlete & the fashion conscious too. Well worth visiting today ☺
Victoria Johnson  | 06/04/16  01:48:31 | Store rating :
Excellent store with good prices which are even better with the cash back deals.i always find what i need and there is a good range to choose from.your item can be delivered to your home or local store.so quality goods at an excellent price
Nibras Islam  | 07/04/16  04:41:53 | Store rating :
Amazed at the quality of the range of shoes and trainers. Excellent customer service, unlike JD - I tend to find their Employees rather quiet, and rude. Pricing on almost all products are one to not complain about. Overall, I'm a happy customer.
Banasri Saha  | 08/04/16  09:27:08 | Store rating :
its a top most shop in UK. and I have shopped many times from this shop in store.one of the best thing in this shop is variety..many types and options are there .so I think this is the ideal shop for sport supplements to everybody.....
Deborah Grant  | 09/04/16  21:09:15 | Store rating :
Good range of sports wear at fantastic prices. Branded names at reduced prices. All sports are catered for with a good range of items in all category of sport. Found everything I needed for my new fitness regime.
Michael Stevens  | 11/04/16  12:41:25 | Store rating :
Sports direct.com absolutely brilliant online store ,not just for the real sports enthusiast but for everyone who just want to look good and comfortable in clothes that fit at a bargain price , they also supply sports equipment as well at great prices
David Britton  | 25/02/16  19:38:50 | Store rating :
really like this place as they do all sizes of clothing and have really good shoes and trainers all of this is very good value fantastic i cannot wait till go back there to buy very good clothing if you want money for good value please buy of these online or in shops
Kimberley Douglas  | 12/02/16  14:43:59 | Store rating :
I have bought from sportsdirect.com many times for the whole family , they bring fantastic value for money for all the major leading brands , with fast delivery and many other delivery options such as click and collect , although I find the delivery charge a little high .
Karan Read  | 25/02/16  07:19:20 | Store rating :
Euan Deans  | 14/02/16  18:14:14 | Store rating :
The cricket bat I purchased was fine, but did not arrive on time. In fact courier lied about trying to deliver. This was a problem with sportsdirect as I was paying for next day delivery and it took three days
Michelle Holt  | 13/02/16  16:50:32 | Store rating :
My elderly parents went into sports direct store,but they didn't have the item in stock, the member of staff gave my mum the email address so I could order on line, it was really easy to order the trainers and they came quicker than expected
Graham Jones  | 05/02/16  06:36:29 | Store rating :
Massive stores with plenty of choice, would definately recommend, have been shopping there for years and its only got better, would say there could be more choice in full tracksuits but has loads of trainers.
Rebecca McIlwaine  | 05/02/16  12:45:48 | Store rating :
I recently shopped with Sports Direct and received lovely hoodies for my kids for £3.99 - great value. I have shopped here many times without a bad experience. Would recommend this site. Need more clothing for the little ones and will be buying them from Sports Direct.
paula shaw  | 03/02/16  13:07:26 | Store rating :
Very good and cheap store get clothes for all the family under one roof.Always someone there to help you if you have a problem or question.staff are friendly and polite.Everything is set out so that you can find everything that you are looking for
Manny Saltao  | 03/02/16  14:46:27 | Store rating :
Went in to buy a.pair ofrunnig shoes for a race i was compeating in and got some great help from.the sales persom in chiosing the right pair of shoes that fit my requirment at the right price .she was very informative and attentive .
Debra Taylor  | 03/02/16  12:48:55 | Store rating :
went into the store plenty of sale offers on looked around and found some great t. shirts on sale .bought 2 at great price and luckily had my size . staff at till most helpful and didn't have long to wait which is a bonus very happy
Ciaran Marron  | 03/02/16  12:22:12 | Store rating :
Great turnaround time on orders and a wide range of great value running and cycling gear. Easy to use website...the only downside is that it would be nice to be able to send any returns back through the stores, although thankfully I've only ever needed to return one item.
Lauren Wegnez  | 01/02/16  09:15:08 | Store rating :
The last time we went to sport direct was to buy my10 yrs old daughter socker shoes socks and knee pads.Straight away we had a staff member helping us get the right shoes, socks and pads. We really felt like we were listened to, I recommend Sports Direct to anybody.
Szilvia Mako-djalo  | 01/02/16  22:54:05 | Store rating :
The staff is very helpful. The store easy to access, even with pushchair easy to go round. The waiting time to the cashier is short, but need more space. Very good quality clothes and sport equipment in good price.
Joanna Zmudzka  | 31/01/16  14:41:37 | Store rating :
It is a shop where I usually do shoping for my children. It is a cheap and good quality. More, there is also possibilities to do shopping online where usually we receive nice free gift. The delivery time is usually up to 3 working days.
Monsuoor Khan  | 31/01/16  09:15:07 | Store rating :
Everything you need for all sport related activities all under one roof. With some of the best prices and offers around. SportsDirect will not be beaten. All the latest brands from Nike to Adidas. You can't beat it
Jemma Glover  | 28/01/16  21:11:25 | Store rating :
very good quality and the services are to standard the prices are low and affordable there is a good range of clothes and football kits the staff are very helpful and I'm always satisfied with all the products
Stuart Lee Roberts  | 22/01/16  20:08:22 | Store rating :
I have always get my sports gear sportsdirect online cause they have the best deals and no one can beat them and I always get my sports gear off them and i would not go anywhere else cause I like sportsdirect for the top goods
David Abbott  | 22/01/16  00:56:01 | Store rating :
a very good place for a bargain whether its trainers t-shirts or safety boots one of the most affordable trend sellers online or on the high street. I`m a regular visitor to this store and had some good quality items.
Victoria Gillespie  | 29/01/16  20:59:35 | Store rating :
I love sportsdirect.com!! great offers and prices!i go on daily to check to see if there is anything for sale for example their trainers, their footwear is so comfy! I usually buy the workout items for example tshirts and joggy ottos, excellent delivery service too!
Dawn Watson  | 26/01/16  22:07:20 | Store rating :
Visit the biggest sports shop in town.You won't be disappointed,c'mon down! You don't have to be the sporty type,just have a look round.you'll find plenty of bargains for your hard earned pounds.Or visit online today.OK!
Cheryl White  | 29/01/16  20:59:25 | Store rating :
I shop at sports direct all the time I receive all the best bargains plus its good for my budget the clothes and footwear are great. If I'm looking for anything it's the first store I'd go to I tell my friends all about my visit to.
Christopher Hoyle  | 28/01/16  13:03:48 | Store rating :
This is the first sports goods store i have been to since the collapse of JJB Sports. I have found that it has a wide selection of goods from all the best labels covering all sports activities at competitive prices
Julian Travis  | 25/01/16  13:28:57 | Store rating :
We have to travel 10 miles to our nearest store but it is always worthwhile and we often find that once we get what we need we often buy something we did not known we wanted but at the prices paid we do not care as they are always extremely good value.
Kieran Thorpe  | 25/01/16  04:57:06 | Store rating :
Sports Direct lives up to its name and is one of the first places I would go to if I was going to try and new sport. There is a massive range of stock available to fit the needs of most athletes. As a footballer the range of football boots, shin pads, kits and accessories is also brilliant.
Nathalie Birch  | 23/01/16  08:40:16 | Store rating :
I recently made purchases with Sports Direct and was really impressed with their tracking system and delivery service. The time from order to delivery was only three days.and their feedback form did not take up too much time.
Rachael Lamb  | 22/01/16  08:17:21 | Store rating :
Excellent store great value forvmoney the sales online are amazing' fast del an package is to high exspectation. With a free huge mug an mag to top off would recomend 'defo give 8/10 .....the sales have to be the best tho
Andy Mason  | 21/01/16  17:17:39 | Store rating :
Shopping in Sports Direct was an overall satisfactory experience. Found some great value clothes which is the main thing. However did feel the shop was cluttered and too much everywhere. The checkout assistant was polite and helpful even if she did try forcing me to buy a magazine.
Jennifer Ringstead  | 21/01/16  07:09:22 | Store rating :
i think this store has real value for money. brought a lot of things over Christmas from here and instead of being delivered to my home, i opted to pick it up in store and got a £5 voucher every time, really pleased with this shop.
Paul Reed  | 17/01/16  14:56:21 | Store rating :
Sports direct is definitely the place to go where you can get all your gear for sports from clothing and equipment. The staff are extremely polite and helpful, I can honestly say I have always had a good experience at sports direct.
carol savory  | 15/01/16  18:51:55 | Store rating :
Need more varity in store on footwear and clothes, although good value for money, lots of great bargains. Would recommend to people who are looking for a great bargain in sportswear and footwear, my daughter loves the stuff

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