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Vodafone Ltd Reviews

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Phone & Broadband subscription with Discount at Vodafone

Vodafone is the worlds largest mobile phone network with a massive global brand and presence. In terms of coverage it is number 1 in the UK and has pioneered the development of 3G products and services. Take advantage of Vodafone's 4G Pay monthly and Pay as you go bundles, mobile phone contracts or SIM only deals and home fibre broadband offers.

Vodafone Ltd Reviews

ANDREEA ELENA TIMOFTE  | 08/03/21  13:07:51 | Store rating :
I have a sim only contract since June last year and until now all good. Internet sometimes causes problems, I already did a sim swap, but overall good, I am satisfied, I recommend, I hope 5G will be as good.
Martin Bringnall  | 02/12/20  08:44:46 | Store rating :
I had to unlock a phone and was told it was on Vodafone network. I am equally impressed with the Customer Service and support, they are pretty much one of the best providers I have ever used. All process was very easy.
Teri Jones  | 21/11/20  22:26:31 | Store rating :
I’ve been with Vodafone a long time customer service price signal 10/10 I would highly recommend Vodafone to anyone wanting a better network
Roy Batty  | 14/11/20  07:06:30 | Store rating :
I tried getting an upgrade. Still in the process of negotiations with them. Very nice staff, and I am very pleased with them. Thanks for your hard work. Hope all your team get a pay rise, and promotions. All the best now.
Jarris Pottas  | 13/11/20  07:04:25 | Store rating :
I have just upgraded my contract with Vodafone, as I have been very happy with the service received. In total I have been with them for over 15 years, without any loss of network, and I have never been overcharged.
Donna Haines  | 12/11/20  18:33:59 | Store rating :
Ordered broadband with Vodafone as was looking for a new home broadband supplier and they were doing the best deal would recommend.
MATILDE BRIEGA  | 12/11/20  07:02:54 | Store rating :
A great service provider. Also a nice bonus to get a free 25 pounds Amazon voucher for joining using a friend´s invite link. If you are thinking of getting pay monthly or sim only contract over pounds 10 a month.
Thomas Wyatt  | 10/11/20  07:56:26 | Store rating :
Excellent. A very positive experience with Vodafone so far. Much better value for money than my old network mobile provider and coverage seems a lot better, no more patchy areas of poor signal. Great experience
Tor Thomson  | 09/11/20  07:57:20 | Store rating :
I think their chat support could be better though. It´s quite laborious and I still haven´t been able to sort out online registration problems so that I can view my bills. No problems at all, all precess was very smooth
Diana Jhonson  | 08/11/20  08:37:29 | Store rating :
Good but room for improvement . I signed up with Vodafone broadband and was surprised to find that everything went smoothly, with any technical problems sorted out on the phone in 20 minutes. So far so good.
Michelle Jappy  | 15/04/20  14:58:45 | Store rating :
I have been a Vodafone customer for over 10 years now. I've never experience any bad customer service etc. The staff have always been very friendly and helpful and try to get me the best deal possible.
Sabina Drogosz  | 08/03/20  16:50:13 | Store rating :
I'm with Vodafone slmost 7 years and they are very helpful and friendly. Also they have so much good deals! You can choose from top up to contract! So what you waiting visit Vodafone through website or in store
Stef Bouch  | 28/01/20  19:37:55 | Store rating :
I’ve just joined Vodafone
Sylwia Elsodany  | 25/11/19  05:23:03 | Store rating :
So far, this is the best telecommunication provider. We have just moved to the UK and try all of them. And decided to stick with Vodafone. With them you get good prices for the services, fast and reliable internet, plenty of top up points and offers to use, and helpful, professional customer service. When we needed help, I got what I wanted with plenty of reward points to use later on. From time to time, I get voucher to buy coffee or cinema tickets.
Ayse Mehmet  | 29/09/19  23:08:59 | Store rating :
Gary Elliott  | 08/04/18  16:09:27 | Store rating :
I have been with Vodafone for over five years now and find that their services are excellent, they offer me the best value for money for the services they provide and if I have any problems all as I have to do is speak to one of their customer support people and the problem is usually sorted out there and then, I intend to stay with Vodafone for many more years of excellence
Samantha Hallam  | 18/03/18  17:56:35 | Store rating :
Expensive customer service is rubbish in Staines. Wish there had more deals on. And they should lower there 2 years contract to a one year contract. It's good about there call back service which is very prompt.
Krystal Evans-Smikle  | 12/02/18  17:22:48 | Store rating :
vodaphone has good deals on phones etc and the prices are great. However not that tbey are not that great at customer service. I give the rating a 4 but overall the deals and prices are excellent. if you need a phone and a good deal vodaphone is the place to go.
Jacqueline Henderson  | 15/02/18  04:22:44 | Store rating :
Vodafone has the best reception for my area. I've tried a few others but none is as good as Vodafone.
Louise Nawaz  | 04/02/18  16:59:06 | Store rating :
great store with loads of different deals to offer you to suit all types of budgets. staff are really friendly and willing to help to find the best deals to suit you. would recomme d to all my friends and family
Andrew Philip Robbins  | 12/11/17  22:07:48 | Store rating :
Overall they have been very professional mobile provider. The only issue I have had with them is when I call their helpline. The issue is the communication as I do not understand the operators English and they don't understand mine. But I do a chat o line no issues.
Jen Brewer  | 12/09/17  16:15:32 | Store rating :
Very impressed with Vodafone, had a query about my account and it was dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner. Very helpful member of staff and willing to answer all the questions I had. Nothing was too much trouble and felt very satisfied with how my problem was handled.
Steven Bird  | 17/07/17  00:33:13 | Store rating :
I've been with this network for a bit now, never had any problems at all, customer service is brilliant I must say, the deal I got is worth what I pay, ordered in the morning online about 7am, by about 5:30pm was ready for pick up, order time can be even faster
Rujina Begum  | 24/06/17  00:05:08 | Store rating :
I love Vodafone as it's a company that all my family and friends use as their number one mobile provider, it has amazing value and gives customers alot in return. It's never given me any problems and has always been efficient and easy to deal with
Jane Sneddon  | 19/05/17  22:53:17 | Store rating :
I have been with Vodafone for many years and you get value for money I wouldn't change my network for any other one as I love what vodafone offers,you always have full coverage and the best customer service

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