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Waitrose & Partners Reviews

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Food & Drink with discount at Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose & Partners is one of the country’s leading food retailers and aims to combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop. They believe that eating well should be enjoyable that is why they provide a wide range of imaginative and nutritious choices to inspire you to eat more healthily.

Waitrose & Partners Reviews

Lucy Peck  | 09/04/18  13:17:14 | Store rating :
Waitrose is a high quality supermarket store; with helpful staff who are always there to help you both in the cafe and in store. The online delivery is reasonably priced and they have many delivery times. The service is top notch. Getting cashback on the weekly shop is very helpful.
Theresa Davies  | 07/03/18  11:21:47 | Store rating :
I love their own brands stuff. Other places own brand stuff can sometimes be a little bland but not Waitrose! Some thing's can be a little expensive but like anywhere else you get what you pay for! Worth trying out.
Leah Jones  | 26/02/18  23:06:35 | Store rating :
Generous welcome bonus! I joined and received £100 worth of vouchers. All you have to do is just shop £100 worth of items and get £20 plus free delivery, 5x using the voucher codes. Happy with that. Thanks Waitrose.
Jacquie Bell  | 30/01/18  09:58:39 | Store rating :
Great selection and quality of products make this an enjoyable shopping experience. Lots of ethically sourced products too. Just a shame that the checkout process takes so long. Delivery was good with very nice driver and customer service great when things didn't go to plan.
Sarah Alexandra  | 16/01/18  18:23:11 | Store rating :
Always loved this store, ever since first visiting one in Norwich! The staff are friendly, everything is organised on the shelves and displayed easily. Local produce, long lasting and high quality Would thoroughly recommend a visit to your local Waitrose - you won’t be disappointed!!
Peter John Bates  | 16/01/18  10:14:43 | Store rating :
Waitrose provides excellent service and value for money on a consistent basis, together with a free coffee every time you shop there. The Worthing store, which we use most often also provides free parking for most of the time as well as an erhical shopping ambience.
Angela Keeling  | 11/01/18  19:48:05 | Store rating :
I do my weekly shopping online at Waitrose and have it delivered straight to my door on a day and time that suits me. I love the fact that all their fresh fruit & veg, frozen range foods and meats all come from UK farms. I'd definitely recommend Waitrose to ALL.
Aine Callaghan  | 29/11/17  20:06:21 | Store rating :
Waitrose is my local supermarket and although it has a reputation for being expensive- I find that it offers amazing deals daily. The deals are also very varied so it's a good way to try new products. I also really like their essential line- which is really good quality.
Ali Ramsay  | 05/11/17  19:50:53 | Store rating :
Wide aisles quiet calm with no screaming kids and the most helpful staff. I have mobility problems but I get help taking shopping to car. The my Waitrose discounts, newspaper daily discount and daily coffee are fantastic
Siobhan Walton  | 03/10/17  19:34:34 | Store rating :
Fantastic store! Great staff very helpful. Brilliant produce and a great range of quality foods, I would recommend to friends and family. Can’t wait to revisit the store again. Just made food shopping that little bit more enjoyable.
Paul Woodwards  | 19/09/17  13:22:34 | Store rating :
Great produce, well stocked, nicely presented & fairly priced. The staff were friendly helpful &, knowledgeable. Ample parking & a very nice cafe to relax in afterwards. If only all shopping experiences were like this.
Somenath Saha  | 13/09/17  16:06:56 | Store rating :
We shop regularly from Waitrose and we are pleasantly surprised at the offers they have on a regular basis. We have a MyWaitrose card, and sometimes we are able to buy a few items at half price and its really good.
Serena Bradbury  | 12/09/17  22:09:34 | Store rating :
Lovely, friendly, helpful Staff, very well organised, easy to find what you are looking for, most things in stock. Extremely tasty fruit and vegetables. Great loyalty scheme, and quick delivery from John Lewis.
Sue Trees  | 18/08/17  22:12:58 | Store rating :
A clean and healthy food shop. An ideal place for weight watchers and people with different eating allergies. Large range of fresh fruit and vegatables. There is also many different drinks to taste which are rarities
Jen Brewer  | 15/07/17  06:31:11 | Store rating :
Waitrose is convenient, has everything I need from top up items to a big shop. Everything is easy to find, staff are always friendly and helpful and prices are reasonable. Even ordering from John Lewis online I could pick up items from Waitrose with complete ease.
Eva Nanson  | 04/07/17  13:09:35 | Store rating :
Fantastic fresh food section. Great range of different or alternative products available, just something that little bit different. They also have a great flower delivery service with some very good bouquets - always had great feedback from the recipients. Their bakery section is to die for.
Kieran Kelby  | 25/06/17  10:23:05 | Store rating :
Wonderful variety of products and quality too match this I found the staff delightful an considerate to my queries no matter how vague an seemingly polite too, I found the whole experience of shopping pleasant.
Christopher Bell  | 29/05/17  00:54:14 | Store rating :
I use waitrose every week I find there are quite a few bargains in the personal care section . I also enjoy having a nice Cappuccino in the cafeteria also too add the free WiFi comes in handy to so I give waitrose a 10/10
Rujina Begum  | 19/05/17  19:49:31 | Store rating :
Waitrose is somewhere my whole family have been shopping for years. It has the most amazing quality of food than you will find anywhere else. You feel at ease with their quality and ingredients as you know it is all ethical. They provide great ranges and everything you need all under one roof
Paula Bryant  | 28/04/17  18:30:24 | Store rating :
Kept getting emails so I thought I would see what waitress web site was like, it's very clear Web page easy to find that perfect meal you are after. its easy and clear to order your shopping on line great deals too thankyou for having good clear steps when ordering
Edyta Wlodek  | 25/04/17  21:03:30 | Store rating :
I had a chance to visit Waitrose just for a cup of coffee with my friend and I found the Waitrose cafe comfortable and pleasant. Staff were nice and the coffee was nice too. Prices are a bit steep but you get free coffee after so many purchases.
Donna Battams  | 23/04/17  11:55:10 | Store rating :
Love waitrose always fresh food and they deliver straight to your door the fresh meat is absolutely yummy and full of flavour. Very good customer service always there to help i give waitrose 5 stars keep it going.
Elizabeth Lochhead  | 15/04/17  03:49:19 | Store rating :
Very friendly and helpful staff. Essential range is good value for money. Store always clean, tidy and welcoming. Location of store ideal, next to main road with easy access either by car or by public transport. Always a good selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and produce.
Christine Lewis  | 03/04/17  19:33:03 | Store rating :
I like Waitrose because the staff are efficient and friendly, the store is clean and tidy, the restaurant is okay but short of healthy snacks, but there is always a newspaper to read while you are there, and the tables are cleared and cleaned regularly.
Leonard Alin Stoica  | 27/03/17  12:19:56 | Store rating :
I visited Waitrose recently and enjoy browsing through own products. The food is always fresh and lasts without going off. The people are friendly, and willing to help. The store is clean and tidy. I might decide to order online in the near future, to get cashback on my shopping.
Jane Prince  | 19/03/17  10:00:16 | Store rating :
The people are friendly, and willing to help. The store is clean and tidy. The one thing I will say is sometimes there are home shoppers getting in the way, but overall it's a good place to shop. The food is always fresh and lasts without going off.
Kerry Holden  | 14/03/17  11:00:39 | Store rating :
I visited Waitrose recently and enjoy browsing as they're own products always look good and fresh. However, what I dislike is that they tend to inappropriate ornaments attached above one of their counters. I find this quite offensive and upsetting. Please remove this.
Nathaniel Atuejide  | 08/03/17  20:29:53 | Store rating :
I have only used waitrose online once, but I am glad to say its an experience I'm willing to go through again, because everything is layed out in a very nice and easy way and the products got delivered really fresh. The only downside was the delivery time.
Michelle Gilliam  | 15/02/17  14:58:41 | Store rating :
They are high quality products they are a little pricier than some supermarkets but it is high end products well worth what you pay for. I tend to use waitrose quite often and I enjoy their variety of products
Joanne Reeder  | 12/02/17  10:57:02 | Store rating :
Just love Waitrose for their fruit. Have shopped around quite a lot looking for where to buy the best fruit. I have to say Waitrose have never let me down. Staff there are always polite and friendly and ready to help when needed.
Alison Jones  | 03/02/17  16:15:47 | Store rating :
Always treated very politely by staff in-store and always have a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience, both online and in-store. Produce is always of a high quality, with a good range of products. Not the cheapest, but there are always offers on many items.
Sam Bright  | 14/01/17  19:51:09 | Store rating :
Waitrose for me is a pleasure to shop at . This is because the colour scheme . food displays and aisle sizes are more conducive to an enjoyable shopping experience than many other stores I have visited.
Dafne Grout  | 25/01/17  20:01:59 | Store rating :
Very lovely and very fresh food i love to go to waitrose! amazing quality products! really good customer service every time i go. plus you get lots of international food al over the county!!
Steve Conley  | 13/01/17  12:00:04 | Store rating :
Great range of organic fruit, veg and meat. I am more than happy to travel the extra distance to visit the store. We particularly like the self scanning system so that checkout queues are a thing of the past.
Tomas Miliauskas  | 28/12/16  13:50:04 | Store rating :
The amounts of shops I've used with Waitrose over the last couple of years is countless and the problems have been low in number. But for each and every problem whether it has been the wrong type of milk or the wrong item to cook they have always corrected the mistake.
Ernest Miliauskas  | 28/12/16  13:45:20 | Store rating :
The amounts of shops I've used with Waitrose over the last couple of years is countless and the problems have been low in number. But for each and every problem whether it has been the wrong type of milk or the wrong item to cook they have always corrected the mistake.
Adela O'brien  | 07/12/16  04:22:37 | Store rating :
High quality products, as expected. But do not assume you pay through the nose. Yes, there are some higher priced products but i cannot praise the essential range more. Unlike other supermarkets, essential doesn't mean basic. Good quality, fair prices
noreen martin  | 25/10/16  05:57:15 | Store rating :
great price on tuna this week and xmas goods look to good to eat will have to get them early so as not to be too upset will go fast great deals to be had for the early bird the service is good and no waiting to pay very fast which is good
katie caines  | 31/10/16  09:48:41 | Store rating :
Great if you have a waitrose card as you can choose your own offers that you want discount for the quality of the food is great staff are always friendly and you can get a free cup of tea or coffee if you have the waitrose card.
Agnieszka Chilicka  | 09/10/16  08:54:30 | Store rating :
Waitrose is the highest quality service and products. Shopping there is a pleasure and great experience. Wide range of products tastes and colours invites you to explore more and more. I highly recommend buying there!
Stuart Merrett  | 03/10/16  14:22:20 | Store rating :
Waitrose Monmouth An excellent shopping experience, All round good choice of fresh produce at realistic prices Also own brand lines prove to value for money without loss of quality, so regularly shop here, and recommend to family and friends too
Veronica Wakeling  | 03/10/16  14:35:20 | Store rating :
upmarket and well run stores,with some overpriced goods to offset the offers.Often the offer is not registered on the till,so you have to be vigilant at the checkout.Always clean,staff constantly in attendance and willing to help at ant time.Convenient car parking
Karen Maguire  | 04/10/16  10:28:38 | Store rating :
I'm new to online shopping and the Katy month or two being unwell I've had to offer all my shopping,clothes ,book tickets and the experience I had was AMAZING what a range,i never ever realised there was so much value,varierty5stsr service thank you's
Kamil Kurasz  | 29/09/16  12:44:02 | Store rating :
Hello Everybody ;) !!!!!!!!!!! I love making shopping with Waitrose in shopping centres or when I doing it online. They have many many great deals and products,very high quality offers and helpful customer service.....
Oleksandra Ilianova  | 28/09/16  12:13:12 | Store rating :
Waitrose is traditionally a place to buy quality goods. Perfect choice and variety of products, special offers. This shop definitely worth to be visited (offline or online), despite the fact it's often overpriced
Charlotte Gilbey  | 28/09/16  14:18:31 | Store rating :
Waitrose is an excellent supermarket with exceptional staff who are always polite and helpful. They have a wide range of both premium and more basic foods other household products and are not more expensive than other supermarkets as some people think. It is by far my favourite supermarket.
Lorena Villadoniga  | 26/09/16  09:19:38 | Store rating :
I usually do my weekly shopping and I can tell that quality and price are really good don't change for another
Paula Benson  | 10/09/16  10:56:14 | Store rating :
I love waitrose and often shop for purchases either online or in store, the products are fresh, lots to choose, delivery is available online, prices are good, it's good quality and customer service is great
Corinna Dale  | 08/09/16  02:58:53 | Store rating :
Love Waitrose food! Best quality you can find, even when buying their own in store branded products I am always stisfied. The only supermrket I know to use rel chicken breast in ready meals. Also, the rice difference is not that great I dont know why you would shop anywhere elses.
jossy joe  | 02/09/16  15:03:19 | Store rating :
Highly trusted, reputable and handsomely rewarding company. Staff are friendly, cooperative and eager to show each other the ropes to firmly induct, establish and to fast track new employees to contribute to the ultimate collective goal of reaffirming the thoroughly entrenched reputatio
Jolanta Slaska  | 22/08/16  12:07:18 | Store rating :
Waitrose is my favorite grocery shop. I do online shopping with them every 2 weeks or often. The quality of food is outstanding compared to other supermarkets out there. Prices might be a little bit high for average person but it is worth for the quality of products.
Euan Deans  | 23/08/16  23:13:00 | Store rating :
Very good service, very good products at better than expected prices. I ordered my shopping and all items were delivered on time and in the condition that i would expect. So, all in all a good experience.
Michael Simpson  | 11/08/16  18:42:08 | Store rating :
Waitrose is by far the greatest shop ive shopped at in the hole entire of my life there quality of foods is phenominal and the staff there are jus fantastic there own brand of products swept me off my feet thankyou waitrose
Nidia Butterworth  | 06/08/16  19:18:51 | Store rating :
I think the food is lovely but very overpriced , even their budget range is expensive , however you can always guarantee the quality so I suppose you pay for what you get and you can get certain foods not available elsewhere there overseas range is very good
Marco Forte  | 03/08/16  06:44:02 | Store rating :
Waiterose is a luxury supermarket I enjoy to shopping The food is good you found every thing you need, also you found other country speciality to. Another good thing you found in wait rose is the service
Crystal  | 31/07/16  20:33:51 | Store rating :
A good store that allows you a simply luxury of what your money is worth is like an automatic monitor of what everyday quality should be.Look no further for a shop if you have trouble with good food Waitrose sloves that much needed sector for you food.
H N Venkataramanan  | 18/07/16  15:55:10 | Store rating :
It's a very good shop for everything we need.. last week I went to waitrose and purchased 4 bottles of smirnoff votka which is my favourite. . I can find best price only in waitrose. . Love it. I highly prefer it
Lee Nestoruk  | 14/07/16  12:05:17 | Store rating :
Great food and a great range of products. There own branded food is very tasty and is a really good price. Highly recommend shopping here and trying out there food. Also the in house cafe was really good and the food was amazing
Terence Clothier  | 04/07/16  08:11:36 | Store rating :
Waitrose provides a great range of quality food and homewares. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. I particularly like their loyalty scheme which rewards with a free cup of coffee and a newspaper when you spend £5
Lyn Edwards  | 29/06/16  00:00:02 | Store rating :
just received my first order from Waitrose and could not believe how easy it was and how quickly they delivered, i didn't even have to carry the bags into the house, even bags got recycled , just gave them right back to driver, no more lugging heavy shopping fo me!
Lay Teh  | 23/06/16  12:34:10 | Store rating :
Just went to Waitrose today and got a free coffee! Really happy about that. The staff were also really happy to help when I needed it. I was unfamiliar with the layout of the place and one of the staff helped me 3 times to get me to where I needed. Overall a really enjoyable experience.
Lilach Loughead  | 22/06/16  18:39:09 | Store rating :
love their products, I know they are not cheep to buy, but they worth every penny spend on. I go there to get few items I just love and cannot get anywhere else, and I always find something new that did not seen before that make the visit more interesting and nicer.
Donald Hanby  | 13/06/16  17:28:29 | Store rating :
When it comes to food and grocery shopping, Waitrose is in a Premier League of its own and is the most ethical of all supermarkets. All their eggs are free range and their milk is from cows that are free to roam in green pastures.
kerry angell  | 25/05/16  14:54:56 | Store rating :
never shopped at waitrose and never would as there quite pricey and expensive.my friends and family use it a lot and recomeended it to me but I told them I wouldn't use it but I have recommended it it others and they use it
Debbie Taylor  | 20/05/16  08:55:00 | Store rating :
Excellent products, good selection, clean stores, friendly and helpful staff, love the fresh fish and meat counters, just slightly overpriced on some regular items and our local store removed its ''salad bar' which was a shame, great for lunches.
Heather Foster  | 13/05/16  02:09:59 | Store rating :
AS i do not have a store in my location i can only give a review of what i have seen on line and in advertisments. they do seem to have a really good range of food and drink and their vegtables and fruit look appealing.
Elaine Earl  | 10/05/16  15:16:49 | Store rating :
Everything is high quality and reasonably priced. Staff are very helpful and polite Staff are always happy and have aalways got time to answer questions. Shop is always laid out very well and is always kept tidy.
Steven Cowley  | 06/05/16  23:19:00 | Store rating :
Waitrose has quality products and a good selection to choose from. My local store has very friendly staff and a nice place to get a few bits but probably wouldn't do a big shop here, although I am happy getting a handful of items and the basic range is fantastic.
Jackie Hearn  | 03/05/16  09:25:51 | Store rating :
unfortunately Waitrose in South Woodford is not as good as it was. When they changed managers the store went down hill. The cafe is badly run dirty cutlery and cups and luke warm drinks. Many popular items discontinued without any explanation why.
Daria Lazewska  | 25/04/16  16:57:49 | Store rating :
Used to use Waitrose but Aldi and Lidl locally offer far, far better prices and the quality is very often better actually e.g sweetcorn, cheeses, shallots and yoghurts which are often half price of what you'd pay at the posh supermarket.
Carol Hogarth  | 03/03/16  13:35:05 | Store rating :
one of my favourite supermarkets, own brand products great value and as good as branded in many cases. may not be the cheapest however Waitrose is quality value for money. also weekly offers are varied and good value.
Bobo Zander  | 07/03/16  07:46:11 | Store rating :
The staff is courteous and friendly, the food is good, especially the fish counter – it’s always fresh and very tasty! I have also tried various sandwiches and they are fantastic. I recommend it to everybody.
Angela Collier  | 08/03/16  11:49:52 | Store rating :
I think the food is lovely but very overpriced , even their budget range is expensive , however you can always guarantee the quality so I suppose you pay for what you get and you can get certain foods not available elsewhere there overseas range is very good
Dean Devlin  | 21/03/16  21:08:04 | Store rating :
Karolina Lind  | 27/03/16  18:51:05 | Store rating :
Waitrose is my favorite supermarket the food is always fresh and there is a really good selection of healthy food and vegetables that you can't find elsewhere (not easily anyway). People complain that it's expensive but given the quality I don't think it is.
Banasri Saha  | 30/03/16  09:28:15 | Store rating :
very good shop for grocery and many more. i am happy with my shopping experience from Waitrose. its really perfect for me because the price of things are very justable and new offers and discounts always there.
Mark Paterson  | 03/04/16  10:00:23 | Store rating :
The service and attention payed to customers is way above others. Knowledge of products no matter the question is answered. While others stumble around their store and cafe. Tables in the cafe are cleared swiftly of cups and plates for new customers and everything is at hand.
Nicole Bradburn  | 09/04/16  15:43:32 | Store rating :
Waitrose is very expensive I must say but its big clean tidy All sorts of products you can get in it, food tissues,shampoo whatever I have been afew times but I don't go regularly Its a very a posh super market
Terry Canter  | 11/04/16  10:56:38 | Store rating :
Have used Waitrose more frequently since they opened a local branch in Colchester . Great deal if you have a My Waitrose card. Free Coffee and newspapers every day and lots of 20% off deals.Always good quality & lots of exclusive products . Staff are always helpful, friendly & cheerful.
Judith Wright  | 11/04/16  12:41:04 | Store rating :
I Love Waitrose in Alton. The staff are always happy, helpful and friendly. There are always a wide range of stock in store and usually lots of bargains to be had especially if you shop late in the afternoon! Clean and tidy and easy to access.
Regan Jones  | 14/04/16  17:29:29 | Store rating :
Everything is easy to find, always clean and tidy. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Prices are slightly higher to the rest of the supermarkets, but when you live in a rural area you do not have much choice
Monsuoor Khan  | 28/02/16  13:21:12 | Store rating :
For a great shopping experience and in a friendly relaxed environment visit Waitrose. You will be spoiled for choice for all everyday household needs. Good customer service and quality products at good competitive prices
Julian Travis  | 24/02/16  09:00:12 | Store rating :
People will shop there even though there are cheaper goods elsewhere. If you are looking for something special then Waitrose will have it and the staff are always very attentive and caring. I believe they are called partners and thus they share in the store's success.
Tanya Reid  | 22/02/16  09:39:34 | Store rating :
Friendly customer service Prices could be cheaper and would like to see a wider range of gluten free products. I enjoyed having a free coffee after my shop would like to see more frozen items in the Bridport branch.
Jane Cadman  | 16/02/16  03:04:25 | Store rating :
Lots of fresh good quality fruit and veg and an outstanding fresh bakery counter. Own label products seem quite good and no difference to brand names. Definitely recommended. Enjoyed a nice snack in the coffee shop before home
Joanne Snedker  | 15/02/16  22:32:09 | Store rating :
I remember using one of the stores, I had a bad experience, about 8 male staff had tackled this young girl to the floor and one of those men kept bashing her head off the tiled floor it was awful to see, I girl obviously did something wrong but I think one man went to far. Food nice, abit expensive.
Fatima Jaguite  | 15/02/16  22:39:40 | Store rating :
I absolutely love shopping at Waitrose, the quality of their products, I feel are much better than the other supermarkets, and the prices don't exactly break the bank. Delivery went smooth! So it is definitely a win-win!
Pamela Douglas  | 11/02/16  09:21:29 | Store rating :
Great store, not as expensive as people think. They have a good range of own brand items. If you get a My Waitrose card you get a fre drink when you visit, a free newspaper if you make a minimum spend, and you can pick your own offers & get 20% off.
Ian Harris  | 05/02/16  20:00:01 | Store rating :
I've just got into cooking and was amazed at the selection of FRESH foods on offer. Everything I needed to try some of the more exotic dishes I'm experimenting with was available from spices to fruit and veg.
Shay Duncombe  | 01/02/16  22:11:27 | Store rating :
The member of staff on the express/self checkout was fantastic. He was very efficient and even gave me a free carrier bag as he forgot to put a batch out for purchase by customers. Not a big thing but made a fantastic difference to my shopping experience.
Fiona Minter  | 20/01/16  10:54:09 | Store rating :
The on line service is so easy to use, I even got my sons shop delivered to Uni. Staff fantastic, food excellent. You are head and shoulders above other supermarkets. Fantastic! Waitrose are the best.
Carrie Stimson  | 25/01/16  17:02:07 | Store rating :
Always loved Waitrose. I am a fan of both the physical store and the website. For me, there is no other supermarket that offers the same kind of quality. I have never encountered bad service, either in store, or when I receive a delivery.
David Bottomley  | 25/01/16  12:37:08 | Store rating :
Shopping in Cardiff South Wales ( St David's) last week had a snack lunch from Waitrose must say the store was great, nice staff also very clean, fully stocked with lots of choice and good value price thank Waitrose KEEP IT UP.
Sarah Healey  | 23/01/16  17:17:21 | Store rating :
Waitrose is has good top quality products. A bit expensive. Love all fresh produce. The staff are very friendly. Offers alot of healthy and vegetarian options. The one I use has easy parking, The fresh cream cakes are delicious.
Terry Cummings  | 07/01/15  19:04:21 | Store rating :
I have to complement Waitrose for the level of service you receive at the local store in Okehampton. The product quality is excellent, the service is friendly and always to the highest standard. The store is always presented to the highest standard even during the busiest times of year.
Steven Henderson  | 25/12/14  22:04:49 | Store rating :
Excellent store, very cheap, helpful, easy to shop, helpful members. I like shopping there, excellent delivery service and always on time.

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