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Leanne D

Good so far will review fully when cash out think should do more bingo offers though as I do love doing them ones also casino ones maybe a few more eBay ones too but so far so good look forward to cash out

Vicki B

I think this is a brilliant cashback site with lots of offers free cashback and discounts. You can also earn money easily and at the touch of a button in the app. I think it is better than any other cashback website.

Marco F

Cashbackdiscount is a great site: I look at advertisements and read reviews. Its use is really simple: I click on the e-mails and gain in a lot of ways, moreover the site pays and this is really important.

Mandi N

just love cashbackdiscount so easy to earn money even told friends about it. and they have joined well worth joining to earn extra money if you have a spare couple of hours.some of the deaks are well worth it

Vicki R

really really easy to use to earn some spare pennies / pounds. use up those spare minutes !! earn different ways too. you will be surprised how quickly ut mounts is really user friendly too

James W

Quick and easy to use if you have a spare hour or two a day.So many ways to earn money easily. The rewards are worth getting it.Only signed up today but already making coins it wont take long to save up for the cash out.

Ben H

Makes the time go buy and quick and easy to earn. Highly recomended if you have a spare hour or two a day.
just think instead of sitting there bored and doing nothing you could sign up and earn cash.

Leela M

This was really good and was liking it.its easy to earn money. Very trustworthy website which can be referred to every one who are interested.Easy to understand and self assessed.So many ways to earn money easily. The rewards are worth getting it.

Mandeep K

easy to earn extra cash. I always find best top deal and save more money.cashback discount just need your time and give you back cash money.i always get sign up six pound bonus. I think easy and quick way to save more.

Kez C

It's an easy no hassle way to earn extra money, and save even more, earn money in your spare time cost you nothing but your time but the rewards are worth it do it as much or as little as you want it's awesome

Lesley C

What a great website, so many clients and so many ways to save money for buying what you were going to buy anyway! Easy to suggest to friends too - just hope the friends I have told register! I really need to use this more though.

Chelsea C

Absolutely brilliant website has kept me sane when I have nothing to do, log in to cashback and earn money and it's really fun too, would recommend to all friends and family to start saving and register

Sue M

I have been using cashback discount app for several months now and i have earned money from shopping online at my favourite stores by receiving cashback.Get paid to open emails and click on the banners.

Angie K

I have just joined cashbackdiscount & I'm already on £7.27. It's an easy way to save cashcoins while you shop online. You can also get cashcoins from doing surveys, reading emails and bannerclicks.

Lukasz S

Cashback Discount is really a cool site and an easy way to get your money during shopping through so many site, it easy way to make more through survey taking.I am making so much within the weeks of joining.

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