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Lukasz K

Great website that allows you to make some extra income. Still would use some free offers and they could pay more per clicked email. I recommend it if someone want to make that extra penny when geting short on cash.

Natasha F

i use tesco and iceland alot, this app have gave me so muxh cash back i love it... been a mum of two young boys it has helped me save money and get extra things... i have now got my family into using it

Louisa W

It can be slow to get money as the email clicks are 0.01 cashcoins but you can receive 5/6 emails a day so if you’re on it every day the money can ramp up quicker. There is other ways to get cashcoins quicker though.

William A

Been on for a week and going good so far. Lot of the big pay outs are for you buying things and it’s a long ride not a quick short thing. Plus if you write a reviews of them they give you 0.40. Good so far

Tyler W

almost on my 2nd cashout, site has worked great for me and overall its just been a great experience and hope to continue it will still be great but my expectations are high and the site deserves it for sure


A wonderful user friendly site, theres lots of things to see and do. But more importantly lots of ways to save the pennies. Both Argos and Iceland have been great to save ££ at.
This will be my 3rd cash out, so thanks Cashback Discount x

Scott F

What a great site with great savings. The best cashback site on the planet. I have saved a fortune. Loads of different ways to earn cash from surveys to clicking emails, not forgetting shopping at your favourite stores online. Keep up the good work

Sinida S

we have got nice offers in the site. It is a nice offer, i have used the product and is very time saving and priceworthy. i would recommend this to all of you and shopping experience was also very nice.


I am happy to be a member of cashback discount . The vast majority of claims are accepted and paid within the timescales, and withdrawal of funds is quick and easy. I have recommended family and friends, all of whom share my experiences thank to you

Saima K

I'm working with cash back and I'm satisfied with annoying work so I would recommend this
Who want to earn extra money at home . It's very easy and simple steps and lots of offers you easily choos.

Kelly C

I think cashback discount is a great app to use to save money easy to use only had for a little while and already saved a total of £37.70 I log in now and again It would be better if it was quicker to transfer

Kelly M

this is a great site on my 3rd cash out
had some great bargains and wins on bingo
highly reccomend. get your friends to joim ... your family anyone who likes a bit of extra pocket money. as and when you like

Nurjan B

I like this website as its user friendly and lots of fun ways to earn money. You can click on emails, take surveys, fill out profile etc and earn cash... Also if you love shopping, then this perfect earning cashbacks as you go along. Thank you.

Charlie P

Excellent service and excellent surveys too. The service you provide and surveys too are excellent choices and everyone should be proud of what you are doing and also I find cash back so much easier that the rest of the survey websites.

Samantha H

I think the app great and some of the deals
Are that cheap I think thos is going to be one of my best apps and I cant wait to get my friends to sign up and sharing it on my social media a cant wait to save

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