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Gemma B

Fantastic website. Savings and earnings are extremely easy to earn. Save real money on purchases via cashback. really no more to say. Earning money for purchases I would I would usually make anyway. Highly recommend

Philip S

This is actually a legit site, I was surprised but I am earning and saving money for doing stuff I would usually do, so I find this website great. For this reason I review CashbackDiscount with a rating of 10/10.

Donna W

i think its a pretty cool site to earn only thing i would change would be the fact you cant withdraw less e.e £10 its not easy at all to make £20 so being able to withdraw a smaller amount woud be more of a benefit to customers

Elisabeta B

Is the best app ever,you earn you take mone.I will win more,if i come every day.Is the eazy way to win mone only some min per day witout mke any effort,oll you need is tablet and phone and good wiffi.

Emily G

Have used cash back discount for a while now and have saved myself so much money and got myself some great bargins - wish I found it ages ago!
Will be using all the time where I can from now on, thank

Fay G

Very good app easy to use quick cash will recommend friends. lots of discounts free gift discount codes lots of cash back. Good for passing time brilliant deals cant wauy to make more money through this app


Cashback Discount offer a multitude of opportunities to cash out with them; from surveys, email/banner clicks, cash back opportunities and so much more. This is not one to miss. I am new but already have a growing pot with Cashback discount.

Natalie S

I like using your site. Unlike a lot of other similar apps you can actually earn a decent amount, it just depends on how much you are willing to do. There are many different options to choose from and all allow you to earn.

Joanna G

Hi, I've just learned about this web site from my friend Anne. It looks great, I like the unpretentious design - it is easy to navigate! Modern web pages are too complicated form me. Rates are really good and I am looking forward to earning some


I've just started using it and I am really happy with what I see. I've already earned 6.50 and potential is immense! I am planning to buy a large tv and new mobile so expected cashback is huuuugeee! really looking forward to it!

Marcus J

Have only used a few times but my reward was paid in a timely manner. I will continue to chek regularly for rewards that are suited for me. You generally have to spend money for the bigger reqards but its not bad

Josephine B

I absolutely love top cashback discount, I see it as money for free. I have been with cashback discount for months and have earned lots of pounds. Just received my £20 via bank transfer, its money for nothing.Thank you cashback discount.

Jong K

Cashback Discount is the way to go. Money for Nothing.
Its opportunity comes ones if you have got a chance ,and you never know what is going to be tomorrow.forget about past & plan about my potential future.

Curtis H

I have gained cash back withing 48 hours as promised also recommend friends and family to gain 5 pounds invitation fee and a % of what they earn too its a brilliant app to use and I love the stores on the app

Peter J

Good value cashback provided one perseveres for the time taken to earn a cashback, and is prepared to plough through a mass of offers than pay only one penny each, and take up a lot of time.

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